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Comic: I ate a blowfish!

Yes, you all already heard about this, but here is a comic I drew about the blowfish for class!

TITLE: I ATE A BLOWFISH YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! A BLOWFISH! (picture of cooked blowfish on plate) TECHINICALLY, I ATE TWO BLOWFISH! (picture of two cooked blowfish on plate) This is what they look like alive (picture of live blowfish with arrow pointing to it) Arrow: LOOK HOW CUTE! Blowfish: Please don't eat me! (picture of dead Tea) Some kinds of blowfish can kill you if they are improperly prepared. But if they are done right, it is like eating AWESOME (picture of Tea with stars in eyes)

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

Tags: classy art
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