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LJ Idol last day to sign up!
cap, captain miss america
Hey, pumpkins!

Me and several of my wonderful friends are participating in therealljidol this year.

It is a competition sort of like a LIMS competition but more broadly for blogging. Each week there is a theme prompt and you write something about that prompt. Then people vote for on the entries and a group is eliminated.

I am really excited about it. It seems like the competitive part is more for fun and it is really about meeting new people and broadening your blogging horizons. Everyone I've talked to so far who is participating is really friendly.

So there is only one more day to sign up and I just wanted to put this out there in case any of you were thinking about signing up and didn't, or any of you missed the first go-round. I am a firm believer in the more, the merrier, and I have so many bright and creative people on my friends list that I would be excited to see what any of you do.

Sign up here

If you want to see what it's all about, you can look at people's first week topics, the introductions.

Introductions are here

Don't worry about this clogging up my journal. I will try to make posts that are the kinds of posts I would normally be posting anyway-- but, then, you know. I post all kinds of eclectic crap here. I may also be reminding people to vote, but I will try to keep that to a minimum or put it in other posts. If any of my long-time friends for any reason feel like there is overkill and it is annoying you, please let me know. I am doing this mostly to give myself challenging prompts and to meet new friends-- it would be fun to last a while in the competition, but that's secondary. So I am hoping you will all enjoy my entries as much as I enjoy making them!

Remember, if you would like to sign up, you should do so by 7PM EST Tomorrow, Wednesday October 14.

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I just want to confirm that it's been wonderfully fun so far, and there are a lot of friendly and interesting people participating. I've not gone and asked to befriend anyone yet, because I need to feel things out a little more--but the potential for making new friends is definitely there! People shouldn't be scared.

I'm just voting for you. Because I can. :)

Whee! I have now signed up! For some reason, I thought it was some kind of weekly fiction contest, and that intimidated me away. But this looks pretty safe and fun!

Yeah, some people do fiction, but other people just post about their lives! Awesome, I will be excited to see your posts.

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