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cap, captain miss america

This happened this weekend! We were going hiking an I wanted to wear my old sneakers, which are Sauconies, and not my new sneakers, which were Merrells. I explained to my father that Sauconies are the sneakers with big Ses on the sides.

John: What are you looking for? Tea (on floor, rummaging through basket): My Sauconies. John: Your what? Tea: Sauconies! I can't find my Sauconies! (John looks confused) John: What's a Saucony? (Tea looks irritated) Tea: It's. A. Sneaker. John: (Holding up sneakers) You mean like these? Are these them? (Tea is looking under the sofa) Tea (looks up at sneakers): Do those LOOK like Sauconies? John: I don't know what IS a Saucony!"

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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It makes quite a profound difference to the meaning of this comic if Sauconies is something that we should recognise... are they commonly known in America?

I honestly don't know! I just have two pairs of sneakers: Merrells and Sauconies.

Yeah, this is about me being too wrapped up in missing my shoes to realize the problem, not about my dad being out of touch.

I think a Saucony sounds like some form of delicious food... possibly italian.

It should be! Something with ham.

How do you pronounce "Saucony"? My father used to run marathons, and he bought me my first pair of those things when I was 12. He always pronounced it with a long O. I had a friend who pronounced it differently. Aw, the memories, nevertheless, of pretending I was interested in running with my dad...

I pronounce it SAW-cuh-knee, but I do not pretend to be the arbiter of sneaker pronunciation! It could very well be pronounced "Gerbil" and I would have no idea!

I've heard them pronounced SCO-nees, but I don't think that's right.

I've had my Sauconies for... 7 years, almost. THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE. Ugh. I hate wearing sneakers, too, but these babies are magnificent.

Yeah, my Sauconies are like five years old. I love my Merrells, too, but the Sauconies are better for hiking, which is what we were doing.

Your dad is so cuuuuuuuuuuute! And I ♥ my Sauconies!

My dad is adorable! He totally has the little Munchkin cowlick. Although it is receding.

Your dad is great. And I'm with him on this one: "I don't know what IS a Saucony!"

Yeah, I realized at this point in the conversation that I was making an assumption that he recognized my shoes just because I wear them around him a lot.



You, dear lady, have heaps of talent. I just gotta say it. ♥


I don't know what IS a Saucony?

me neither! (har har)

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