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This happened this weekend! We were going hiking an I wanted to wear my old sneakers, which are Sauconies, and not my new sneakers, which were Merrells. I explained to my father that Sauconies are the sneakers with big Ses on the sides.

John: What are you looking for? Tea (on floor, rummaging through basket): My Sauconies. John: Your what? Tea: Sauconies! I can't find my Sauconies! (John looks confused) John: What's a Saucony? (Tea looks irritated) Tea: It's. A. Sneaker. John: (Holding up sneakers) You mean like these? Are these them? (Tea is looking under the sofa) Tea (looks up at sneakers): Do those LOOK like Sauconies? John: I don't know what IS a Saucony!"

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

Tags: classy art, daddy, me
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