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Lj Idol Voting Week 0

Voting this week doesn't "count" but it sounds like we get a shiny prize if we are a high scorer! Votes need to be in by 7PM EST tonight so if you have a chance to go tickie me off that would be awesome. You can vote for as many people as you like so if you have other friends competing you do not need to choose! And if you have free time, you might was to peruse some of the other awesome entries and vote for some people you've never met before!

If you have some time to tick some tickies, Vote here! I am in the bottomest most bottom one from the bottom!

Since you may not want to vote without knowing what you are voting on, This is my entry.

I have a lot of friends participating, too! I love every single one of them and you should read their entries even if you don't vote at all.

alephz here
applespicy here
butterbuns here
cacophonesque here
cheshire23 here
eschatologies here
gildedage here
hug_machine here
kandigurl here
liret here
rattsu here
mezzogiorno here
thaliontholwen here

There are also some lovely people who have added me this week! I haven't added anyone back yet because I want to get to know everyone a little better but I wanted to thank you all and give a little shout out. Don't think I have not noticed you!

Those people are:

celrock here
crimsonplum here
emo_snal here
ewok_626 here
flashpapertiger here
impoetry here
justkimu here
justthere here
myscribbles here
misalady here
mstrobel here
norda here
phoenixejc here
puppetmaker40 here
purplehaze9 here
shiverelectric here
tamaraland here
thenew20s30 here

If I missed anyone, I apologize sincerely! It was not a deliberate slight but human error!

I am really excited to be reading writing and getting to know so many different people! I hope I do not bore anyone to death!
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