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Comic: Garlic Festival

I did this this weekend! It was a lot of fun!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

(picture of smiling garlic) I WENT TO THE GARLIC FESTIVAL

(picture of Tea eating Garlic Dip) GARLIC DIP
(picture of Tea eating Garlic Popcorn) GARLIC POPCORN
(picture of Tea drinking a shot of garlic vinegar) GARLIC VINEGAR
(picture of Tea with a whole garlic pickle in her mouth) GARLIC PICKLE
(picture of Tea with a man wearing a garlic-shaped hat) MAN WITH GARLIC HEAD
Man with garlic head: "Buy my stuff!"
(picture of Tea eating Garlic Ice Cream) GARLIC ICE CREAM
(picture of Tea frowning)
(picture of Tea smelling her breath)
(picture of Tea sticking her tongue out) GARLIC BREATH
Tags: classy art
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