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LJ Idol, Topic 1: Empty Gestures
cap, captain miss america

Billionaire Magnus T. Megabucks in:


Panel 1:
(Magnus T. Megabucks, in suit and tie, and Little Orphan Boy. Little Orphan Boy is holding a sign: HUNGRY. NEED $$$)
Magnus: I'd like to talk to all you little people today about giving back to society.
Panel 2:
(Magnus and Little Orphan Boy. Magnus is holding a fishing rod.)
Magnus: Here you go, little boy! You know what they say about teaching a man to fish!
Boy: ER...
Panel 3:
(Magnus is holding a bottle of soda. There are many bottles of soda behind him.)
Magnus: I bought thirty bottles of soda because they are giving a penny to charity!
Panel 4:
(Magnus is pouring the soda out of the bottle. Little Orphan Boy is watching)
Boy: SIR, what are you doing?
Magnus: Pouring out the soda! We wouldn't want you to get FAT, would we? You may have the bottles for deposit!
Panel 5:
(Magnus is holding a book, JOBS FOR DUMMIES)
Magnus: Here, now I will help you get EMPLOYED
Boy: UM. I'm ten.
Panel 6:
(Magnus is holding his hands together like a saint)
Magnus: I'd love to stay and chat but I must be off to the casino to apologize for hundreds of years of indigenous oppression! Toodle-oo!

This post is for therealljidol topic 1, Empty Gestures.

Previous Weeks:
topic 0, Introduction.

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Thanks! I work as a comic editor, and one thing that I generally put out there to aspiring cartoonists: writing for comics is actually harder than drawing for comics. On an average day, out of say, ten comics that come past my desk, five or six of them are well-drawn. Usually only one, maybe two, is well-written, as well. And sometimes the well-written ones are not the well-drawn ones. I think it can be a big challenge to a writer to work with the sparsity of text and the dialog-driven style that comics require, so I would not let concerns about it not improving your writing keep you from comicking! If you are a cartoonist by nature, go with it!

(Deleted comment)
I'm going to print this up and mail it anonymously to the management types I suffer under...this was bloody brilliant!

That is an awesome take on the topic. Win!

I died from lolz, especially because of the last panel. Good work.

Thank you! The US government just put an "apology to Native Americans" as, like, a rider on a military spending bill and I was like, riiiight.

(Deleted comment)
This is great! It is even better than what I was expecting. I love how Magnus has such a large obnoxious grin all the time--I guess it's what my family would call "a shit-eating grin". And, I love that you touched on the whole 'feeling good about buying item X from a megacorp, because they'll give pennies to charity Y' thing. That's always struck me as kind of absurd.

Yeah. Last night while I was drawing, right after I started that panel, an ad came on TV for a product that was doing that and it was really kind of ergh. I will do that if it is, for example, something I need to buy anyway and there are competing products-- I'd rather buy a brand that has a charitable arm I believe in than one that doesn't give back to the community, but the attitude that you should buy this thing that you don't need because we will give five cents to charity is so weird. Why not just give the $2 the thing cost to charity?

Thank you!

Hah! Brilliant!

And we really did end up picking almost the same subject for our empty gestures entry...

I guess this also shows the difference of how charity is viewed in a predominantly capitalistic charity driven country, vs a predominately socialistic one where foreign aid is a state sponsored thing.

Well, foreign aid is state-sponsored here, too. The US also does a lot of the things you mentioned in your post. But there is a lot of "selling products by making people feel good about buying them" that goes on here-- buy this and we'll send a grain of rice to Africa kind of stuff.

This is amazing. Are you going to do all of your entries this way?

Probably! It depends if there is a subject that I feel really needs another medium, but I am trying to improve my abilities as a cartoonist and I felt like doing LJ Idol and having prompts to force me to go outside of my comfort zone would be a good way to improve and force myself to get comics done.

Thanks very much!

I love your comics! They are so awesome. So true, too!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! And haha, I hadn't noticed that but you are so right!

Haha, Magnus reminds me of my dad, except my dad isn't as rich.


Thanks for the description! I especially liked the last panel! hahahahhahahahahhahahahaha!

No problem! If you ever are confused by anything in the transcript let me know and I will fix it!

AWESOME. I love your drawing style!

I love your posts so hard. I love the little kid being all, "I...what?"

And that's a nice PSA about soda making you fat. ;)

I know someone who is so overweight that drinks so much Coke it drove me nuts... I thought I was bad, and I am mis skinny minny!!!!