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LJ Idol, Topic 1: Empty Gestures

Billionaire Magnus T. Megabucks in:


Panel 1:
(Magnus T. Megabucks, in suit and tie, and Little Orphan Boy. Little Orphan Boy is holding a sign: HUNGRY. NEED $$$)
Magnus: I'd like to talk to all you little people today about giving back to society.
Panel 2:
(Magnus and Little Orphan Boy. Magnus is holding a fishing rod.)
Magnus: Here you go, little boy! You know what they say about teaching a man to fish!
Boy: ER...
Panel 3:
(Magnus is holding a bottle of soda. There are many bottles of soda behind him.)
Magnus: I bought thirty bottles of soda because they are giving a penny to charity!
Panel 4:
(Magnus is pouring the soda out of the bottle. Little Orphan Boy is watching)
Boy: SIR, what are you doing?
Magnus: Pouring out the soda! We wouldn't want you to get FAT, would we? You may have the bottles for deposit!
Panel 5:
(Magnus is holding a book, JOBS FOR DUMMIES)
Magnus: Here, now I will help you get EMPLOYED
Boy: UM. I'm ten.
Panel 6:
(Magnus is holding his hands together like a saint)
Magnus: I'd love to stay and chat but I must be off to the casino to apologize for hundreds of years of indigenous oppression! Toodle-oo!

This post is for therealljidol topic 1, Empty Gestures.

Previous Weeks:
topic 0, Introduction.
Tags: comics, lj idol
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