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Comic: I Can’t Find My Ruler
cap, captain miss america

This happened! But it had a happy ending– I DID find my ruler!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

(picture of sad ruler)

Panel 1: (picture of Tea holding up a comic of Tea holding up a comic of Tea holding...you get the idea)
Tea: I resolved to take my comicking more seriously.

Panel 2: That requires drawing straight lines. But my lines look like this: (Row of wobbly lines) Because I have no ruler. REALLY.


Panel 3: (Tea going into art shop)
Tea: Lala!
Panel 4: (Tea goes in a door with an "OPEN" sign)
Panel 5: (Tea goes to a man behind a counter that says RULERS)
Panel 6: Tea: Sir may I have one of your finest rulers?
Panel 7: Man: Here you go! (hands over ruler)
Panel 8: (Tea kisses ruler. With hearts!) Tea: Mwah!

Panel 9: (Tea shows off her shiny new ruler)
Tea: My new ruler is SHINY!

Panel 10: (Tea punches her ruler)
Tea: And hard!

Panel 11: (Tea bends her ruler)
Tea: And flexible!

Panel 12: (Tea's apartment, with lots of things turned over and messed up. Tea looks very distraught.)

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i bought three six inch plastic rulers and put them in various places in my apartment/work. One is always in my purse. So far I have lost one... but it might be inside the couch.

also, envelopes will work in a pinch. a new use for those pesky bills! yay!

Yeah, I was using a manila folder but it is not the same as a nice ruler! I put my ruler in my purse once I found it and now I know where it is!

(Deleted comment)
I have a few people who read my LJ who are blind! Their reading software can't read the text on an image so I started transcribing them so they knew what was going on and aren't left out.

And I got a six inch metal ruler! It has a straight edge on one side and a jaggedy edge on the other. It is awesome. It doesn't have cork on the bottom, it has foam though! And I actually found it before I finished inking this, yay!

OH AND THANK YOU! I am glad you like them! I am totally taking Tom Hart's class right now.

Edited at 2009-10-18 02:13 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
Yes I know! That is why I decided to take it because you said it was awesome! I will tell Tom hi next week!

Sometimes, for minicomics such as this, I like the spontaneity, the look of uneven borders. It gives a comic more life and quirkiness. For more professional comics, of course a ruler is required (unless you're like one of my professors, who just naturally draws straight lines like a freak) but for more personal comics, I like the more styled lines.

Yeah, the ruler is for a little more serious story I'm working on, not these little comics I've been posting here!

And I know some people like that! Freakish!

(Deleted comment)
Is it one of those fabulous clear grid rulers? Because I am always losing those.

No! It is a teeny one I can carry with me. I NEED one of the clear grid ones.

(Deleted comment)
I am taking a comic class! I feel like I should because, you know, I judge other people's comics as part of my job. I need to know what goes into making them.

And the ruler is actually not for these comics; it's for a little book I am putting together about two young teenaged girls having their first lesbian romance. Which is done in a much more realistic style. I like the wobbly boxes for this stuff!

Thanks! I don't mind the questions! It's not like you're asking where I live or what brand of underwear I buy.

Yay for the ruler! Boo for losing it! Yay for finding it! LOL I love your comics! They always make me smile.

Ahaha, aw, thanks! I am so tickled that folks from LJI are reading my non-entry comics!


Totally a different topic, but when you're making the comics, do you use pencil or anything first?

Yes, I draw everything in .7mm mechanical pencil and then ink over that!


ETA: I also cannot draw a straight line to save my life. I approve of your crooked lines!!!

Edited at 2009-11-04 02:20 am (UTC)

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