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Comic: I Can’t Find My Ruler
cap, captain miss america

This happened! But it had a happy ending– I DID find my ruler!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

(picture of sad ruler)

Panel 1: (picture of Tea holding up a comic of Tea holding up a comic of Tea holding...you get the idea)
Tea: I resolved to take my comicking more seriously.

Panel 2: That requires drawing straight lines. But my lines look like this: (Row of wobbly lines) Because I have no ruler. REALLY.


Panel 3: (Tea going into art shop)
Tea: Lala!
Panel 4: (Tea goes in a door with an "OPEN" sign)
Panel 5: (Tea goes to a man behind a counter that says RULERS)
Panel 6: Tea: Sir may I have one of your finest rulers?
Panel 7: Man: Here you go! (hands over ruler)
Panel 8: (Tea kisses ruler. With hearts!) Tea: Mwah!

Panel 9: (Tea shows off her shiny new ruler)
Tea: My new ruler is SHINY!

Panel 10: (Tea punches her ruler)
Tea: And hard!

Panel 11: (Tea bends her ruler)
Tea: And flexible!

Panel 12: (Tea's apartment, with lots of things turned over and messed up. Tea looks very distraught.)

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