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Pomegranate Martini

Pomegranate Martini Recipe POMEGRANATE MARTINI (smiling pomegranates) Panel 1: Picture of pomegranate martini in martini glass, plus ingredients YOU WILL NEED One Pomegranate Dry Gin 12 Oz Pomegranate Molasses 1 oz Pomegranate Simple Syrup 1oz Rose's Lime Juice 1 oz Panel 2: (Tea removes seeds from pomegranate) Remove seeds from pomegranate Tea: This is messy! Panel 3: (Tea pours red stuff into shaker) Pour molasses, syrup, and lime juice into shaker. Panel 4: (Tea adds seeds to shaker and stirs) Add 2/3 of seeds and mash with wooden spoon Panel 5: (Tea shakes) Add Gin and Shake! Panel 6: (Tea pours drink into glass) Strain into chilled martini glasses (makes 4) Panel7: (Tea tops with pomegranate seeds) Garnish with 8-12 pomegranate seeds per drinks. Panel 8: (Tea raises glass in toast) CHEERS!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

Tags: bartending, classy art, cocktails, comics, recipes
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