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Pomegranate Martini
cap, captain miss america
Pomegranate Martini Recipe POMEGRANATE MARTINI (smiling pomegranates) Panel 1: Picture of pomegranate martini in martini glass, plus ingredients YOU WILL NEED One Pomegranate Dry Gin 12 Oz Pomegranate Molasses 1 oz Pomegranate Simple Syrup 1oz Rose's Lime Juice 1 oz Panel 2: (Tea removes seeds from pomegranate) Remove seeds from pomegranate Tea: This is messy! Panel 3: (Tea pours red stuff into shaker) Pour molasses, syrup, and lime juice into shaker. Panel 4: (Tea adds seeds to shaker and stirs) Add 2/3 of seeds and mash with wooden spoon Panel 5: (Tea shakes) Add Gin and Shake! Panel 6: (Tea pours drink into glass) Strain into chilled martini glasses (makes 4) Panel7: (Tea tops with pomegranate seeds) Garnish with 8-12 pomegranate seeds per drinks. Panel 8: (Tea raises glass in toast) CHEERS!

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It's really funny that you posted this today, because a friend just linked me to a really interesting article about grenadine/pomegranate syrup and how to make it.


Thought it might be relevant. You know, to your interests?

It is! I actually make my own pomegranate syrup, slightly differently-- I boil the sugar syrup separately from the pomegranate juice and then add the juice. If you really want to be fancy, you can do this with the actual pomegranate seeds and then strain them out with a wire strainer.

I would actually be very interested in this process. Or oooh, if you wanted to make a batch of flavored syrups and recipes to use them in, you could totally run a second auction over at save_dave? Or like, if you got me the recipes, I could maybe make them up?

I don't want to do syrups because I don't think they would be safe to mail-- fragile AND perishable. I would be afraid of them exploding all over the package!

But I will totally do a syrup comic!

I will do comics about any aspect of fooding or bartending anyone would like to see!

I was just contemplating what I was going to do with the pomegranates I bought and I actually thought to myself, "I wonder if teaberryblue has done any pomegranate drinks." You're a mind reader!

Win! Pretend I did it just for you! This would also be fine with vodka if you don't like gin.

I am all about the gin. But my boyfriend does prefer vodka, so I'm sure we'll do some experimenting with it. Any excuse to mix drinks!

Awesome! I hope you enjoy them!

(Deleted comment)
And where can I get some, because this drink sounds AMAZING.

I can buy it in some regular food markets or in Middle Eastern specialty shops!

I'm sorry! I got behind on comments! Pomegranate molasses is just that-- a molasses made out of pomegranate juice. It's very thick and sweet and has a nice pomegranatey tartness. If you can't find it at a regular market, try a Middle Eastern specialty shop.

That pomegranate looks happy for something that's about to be murdered and pickled. :D


(Deleted comment)
Eee thank you! If I can get my act together, I will try to put something together for MoCCA next year.

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