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Comic: Eatin Oysters
cap, captain miss america
EATIN' OYSTERS (smiley oyster) Panel 1: (Tea with Oyster) Tea: Oysters are the UGLIEST bivalves! Oyster: Hey! Panel 2: (Tea with Oyster) Tea: Well, you do kind of look like a rock. Oyster: I do not! Panel 3: (Tea with Oyster) Tea: OK, well, in spite of their icky exterior, they are super yummy. Oyster: That is better. Sort of. Panel 4: (Map of the US with two oysters, one in each ocean. There is a little tiny Tea in the Atlantic.) Pacific Oyster: West Coast Oysters are SWEET! Atlantic Oyster: East coast oysters are BRINY! Tea: I prefer this kind. Hooray salt water! Panel 5: (Tea with a frying pan) OYSTERS ARE AWESOME Tea: Fried in cornmeal! Pan: Sizzle! Panel 6: (Tea eating oyster) Tea: Mmph Mmph Mphmph Mph Mmph!* *or raw out of the shell! Panel 7: (Tea, holding an oyster. There is a tray of oyster on ice, and an angry bottle of Tabasco with a bowl of cocktail sauce and a half a lemon. There is the word "ENEMIES!" with an arrow pointing at the Tabasco, cocktail sauce, and lemon. There is another arrow pointing at the raw oysters that says "YUMMY JUST LIKE THIS!" ) Tea: Some people will try to put cocktail sauce, Tabasco, or lemon juice on your oysters. Oyster: Do not do this to us! If we are raw! It ruins the flavor!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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Your oyster is so cute, I am glad that I do not eat them. Poor oysters. ;_;

I love my cute food! Although it does sort of disturb me that I draw all these adorable things and then put them in my mouth.

(Deleted comment)
Eee, thanks! That is what I want to do, I am still trying to work out what works and what doesn't. Like, I think the ones where the food actually talks are cuter and more effective.

You should totally make a comic about the cute things you ear, because those oysters are almost as adorable as the blowfish. You are like the devourer of cute.

haha and others already had that idea.

Also: EAT not ear. Unless you put the oysters there too.

Edited at 2009-10-22 10:47 pm (UTC)

I can't hear you! I have an oyster in my ear!

Oh god, fried oysters. My dad was addicted to those, and got a deep fryer just to make them, filled it with oil, used it, and STILL hasn't emptied it out because he doesn't want to "waste" it (this oil was used about five years ago), and he can't even eat them anymore, because he's Type 2 diabetic.


I also think you should do a cookbook. You could start out with a children's one, since parents would probably buy it. Then, once they see how awesome and easy it is to cook from a comic, you could market an adult one!

I don't think I can do a children's cookbook with cocktail recipes, though.

Interesting. I never knew west coast oysters differed in taste from the east coast ones.

They do! This is why it's important not to eat them with anything on them if you eat them raw-- you will be able to taste the subtle differences in the flavors.

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