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Simple Syrup
cap, captain miss america



Panel 1: Tea with syrup

Panel 2: Tea with syrup
Tea: Simple syrups are basically--
Syrup: Sugar syrup!

Panel 3: Tea with syrup
Tea: Right. That.
Syrup: Don't call me simple. It makes me feel dumb.

Panel 4: Tea with syrup
Tea: You're not dumb! You're just super easy to make!
Syrup: Let's see what's in me!

Panel 5: Sugar, Water, Tea and Syrup
Tea: And that's all!
Syrup: Oooh!

Panel 6: Tea cooking with a pot
Boil one cup of water
Pot: I'm bubblin'!

Panel 7: Tea pouring sugar into pot
Add one cup of sugar

Panel 8: Tea stirring pot
Stir it while it thickens

Panel 9: Happy spoon covered in goo
Cook until it is thick like syrup
Sticks to spoon (with an arrow to spoon)

Panel 10: Happy Tea
Tea: You can add things like:

Panel 11: Happy drink in martini glass with syrup
Syrup: let me cool and put me in a cocktail!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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I like that the transcript specifically states that the spoon is happy rather than the syrup. Hehe.

That is because the spoon is covered in delicious sugar

How long does simple and flavored syrups usually keep? I've seen those DeVinci "syrups" that last months/up to a year, but those have loads of preservatives.

If you have a good, airtight container you can keep it for months! I have heard some people's syrups get moldy but this never happens to me. The worst I've ever had happen is the sugar crystallizes and I need to reheat it to get the crystals out.

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