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Comic: Dogfish Head
cap, captain miss america

The Dogfish Head Brewery website can be visited Here.


Panel 1 (The Dogfish Head Brewery)
I went to Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware

Panel 2 (Our guide, Josh)
The tours were fully booked so Josh offered us a private tour.

Panel 3 (Josh pointing to the original Dogfish Head brewing equipment)
Josh: This was the first Dogfish Head brewing equipment. It made just two cases of beer at a time.

Panel 4 (Josh with the bottle capper and the bottle holder thinger)
Josh: They sanitized and capped all the bottles by hand!

Panel 5 (Josh with a pipe)
Josh: This pipe transports the grain to the brew kettle!
Pipe: I ate Augustus Gloop!

Panel 6 (Josh with a cow)
Josh: We recycle used grain by feeding it to local cows!
Cow: Moo!

Panel 7 (Two Fermenting Tanks)
Metal Fermenting Tank: Then, the beer gets put in us!
Palo Santo Wood Fermenting Tank: We're fermenting tanks!

Panel 8 (Tea with bottle of beer)
Tea: Finally, I get to drink the beer all up!


Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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awesome! I love your comics!

(I might not have enough time to comment on all of them, but please know I LIKEY!!!!!)

yay! (I also could not agree more with "the worst time of night" post. loved it!!!)

hugs! hope new york fall is treating you well!!!

Aw thank you! I was in New Orleans but now i am back in the fall!

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