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Comic: Central Park
cap, captain miss america

This actually happened! And the little girl had pink-streaked hair just like this!

A Day in Central Park: A True Story

Panel 1: Central Park. Tea is sitting on a rock.

Panel 2: There is a little girl with pink-streaked hair, holding the hands of two adults

Panel 3: Tea looks at little girl

Panel 4: Little girl grins back

Panel 5: Tea waves

Panel 6: Little girl reaches hands out to Tea
Little Girl: Help me up! I want to be on your rock!

Panel 7: Tea helps little girl up on rock.

Panel 8: Tea and little girl sit on rock.

Panel 9: Little girl waves goodbye
Little Girl: I have to go now! Bye!

Panel 10: Little girl slides down rock
Little girl: whee!
Little girl walks away.
Little girl: Bye!
Little girl adjusts her skirt.
Little girl: I scraped my butt!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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Aww that makes me all smiley!

That totally looks like my hair dude! XD

Were you about four and on a rock in Central Park last week?!

No, no you wouldn't have seen me....


Cute comic! And adorable little child. Kids can be so cute when they're not dripping some sort of goo out of every orifice they possess.

That is just full of adorable.

It was seriously the cutest. Except for maybe the little girl waving bye bye to the streetcar the other day.

You have the COOLEST life ever, Tea. X)

There are magical little pink-haired girls on rocks in it!

Ha, WAY AWESOME. YES for pink streaked hair girls!

It was so super cute McCuterson!

in in ur lj, spammin ur inbox. (sorry about that...)

hokay I'm all caught up now.

YAY for brave pink-haired grrl!!!!

and yay for you cause you're awesome!!!

hugs, anna

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