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Comic: Central Park

This actually happened! And the little girl had pink-streaked hair just like this!

A Day in Central Park: A True Story

Panel 1: Central Park. Tea is sitting on a rock.

Panel 2: There is a little girl with pink-streaked hair, holding the hands of two adults

Panel 3: Tea looks at little girl

Panel 4: Little girl grins back

Panel 5: Tea waves

Panel 6: Little girl reaches hands out to Tea
Little Girl: Help me up! I want to be on your rock!

Panel 7: Tea helps little girl up on rock.

Panel 8: Tea and little girl sit on rock.

Panel 9: Little girl waves goodbye
Little Girl: I have to go now! Bye!

Panel 10: Little girl slides down rock
Little girl: whee!
Little girl walks away.
Little girl: Bye!
Little girl adjusts her skirt.
Little girl: I scraped my butt!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

Tags: classy art, comics
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