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LJ Idol, Topic 3: SMILE!
cap, captain miss america


Panel 1: Shirley Temple is tap dancing
Shirley Temple: You gotta S-M-I-L-E! To be H-A-Double-P-Y!
Shirley's shoes: Tappa Tappa Tappa Tappa!
When I was a little girl,

Panel 2: Shirley Temple, still tap dancing
Shirley Temple: Keep it in mind when you're blue!
Shirley's shoes: Tappa Tap Tappa!
I had short, curly hair and big dimples.

Panel 3: Shirley is doing a fancy spinny-step!
Shirley Temple: It's easy to spell and just as easy to do!
People said I looked just like Shirley Temple.

Panel 4: Me, entering a classroom. There is a teacher and three children: two boys and a girl. The girl is crying.
I started first grade.
Teacher: Welcome! You sit at the Octopi Table!
Boy Two: (whispering to Boy 1) I have a pee-pee! Do you have a pee-pee?

Panel 5: Another girl greets Tea
Girl Two: Hi! I love you!
Tea: Hi?

Panel 6: Girl Two and Tea are at the Octopi table. You can tell because there is an octopus on it.
Girl Two: I've seen all your movies!
Tea: My what?

Panel 7: Girl Two freaks out with fangirly glee.

Panel 8: Girl Two starts singing and dancing.
Girl Two: You know, you've gotta S-M-I-L-E! It will help considerably! Just keep your chin up and give it a try! And you'll find silver-lined clouds in the sky.

Panel 9: Tea looks confused.

Panel 10: Tea still looks confused.
Tea: No?

Panel 11: Girl Two looks thoughtful.
Girl Two: Oh. Hmm. Well, what about the Good Ship Lollipop?

This post is for therealljidol topic 3, SMILE.

Previous Weeks:
topic 0, Introduction.
topic 1, Empty Gestures.
topic 2, Uphill, Both Ways, Barefoot.

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(Deleted comment)
People used to say that I looked like Shirley Temple, too!

I love your little fangirl. :) So cute. Especially with her little blushing cheeks.

That girl ended up being one of my best friends in high school before we had a big fight and stopped being friends. I didn't remember this story; she told me about it when we were in tenth grade!

HAHAAHA. I have heard this story before, and I still laughed. WHAT ABOUT CURLY TOP?


Aw, thank you! I love making them!

This made me giggle something fierce. Love it!


Yeah, I was a Shirley Temple look-a-like as well.

I got it for Annie and Shirley Temple about evenly! I had a music teacher who used to sing "The sun'll come out, Tamara" at me (Tamara being my given name).

Cute! This didn't happen to you, did it?

These comics you're doing are really fun.

It did! Although I didn't remember it until tenth grade when the other little girl (the one who thought I was Shirley Temple) told me about it! Also, when I posted this on my FaceBook, my cousin told me that when I was little, people would stop me to ask for my autograph. WHAT.

Thanks. I had started taking a comics class a few weeks before LJI started and this seemed like the perfect way to get prompts for new material.

Aw! You're welcome! Thank *you* for reading!

Man, I never got to sit at the octopi table. They just numbered our tables... I feel the need to go back to my grade school and blame all my adult problems on the lack of octopi.

I think that is a good plan! All our tables in first grade were named after animals. I know there was a Bear Table. I don't remember any of the others but I am pretty sure that what table I sat at in first grade played an important part in my life development.

Again, I LOVE with a capital everything your comics. Had to throw that out there (again). :D

When I was little I looked kind of like Shirley Temple, too although this never happened to me. Such a cute little story!

Thanks so much! I am so glad people enjoy them!

My cousin saw this comic and said that when I was little, people used to ask for my autograph! IDK!

I was told I looked like Shirley Temple as well. And when I was a little older, it changed to Brooke Shields.

Brooke Shields, huh? That one is pretty impressive! I don't really look like anyone now, but I think that's okay.

Thanks! Someday I will do something not cute and upend the fabric of the universe!