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Comic: Brown Butter
cap, captain miss america


Panel 1: Brown Butter
Brown Butter: I'M AWESOME!

Panel 2: Tea and Brown Butter. Tea looks annoyed.
Tea: Hey, this is my strip!
Brown Butter: What's your problem? Not everything is about you, you know.

Panel 3: Brown Butter shows off the delicious things you can use it for.
Brown Butter: Look at all the delicious things you can use me for! Buttered Nuts! Sauces! Cookies! Waffles!

Panel 4: Tea and Brown Butter
Tea: This is what you do!
Brown Butter: Not enough pizzazz! Do it like this!

Panel 5: Brown Butter and Tea
Brown Butter: This is what you do!
Tea: But that IS what I just did!

Panel 6: Brown Butter with a pan full of butter.
Brown Butter: Put some butter in a pan on low heat.
Note: Frying pan or sauce pan will work.

Panel 7: Pan of butter with a fork, Tea and Brown Butter.
Tea: Move it around with a fork as it melts.
Brown Butter: Pfft. Amateur.

Panel 8: Tea, stirring butter, and Brown Butter.
Tea: Keep stirring and stirring as it cooks.
Brown Butter: I will get progressively darker!

Panel 9: Tea shows a pan with brown-colored butter in it.
Tea: When it turns caramel-colored, remove it from heat quickly before it burns!

Panel 10: Tea and Brown Butter
Tea: Unless you WANT it to burn for BEING A JERK.
Brown Butter: Hey.

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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You need to make that comic cookbook of delicious yet awesomely cute food. And the occasional jerky one.

...and then you pour it over angel hair pasta and toss it with finely grated mizithra cheese. Mmmmmm, brown butter.

Oh yum! I like it mixed with maple syrup and hot chile and coated over cashews! Or mixed into vanilla ice cream, or in a buttered rum or with leeks fried in it or so so many things!

Ooh. I want the buttered rum.

i can make you buttered rum the next time you visit.

Mmmm tasty. I wonder if it is the browning or the gravy boat (?) that turns it into a jerk. A tasty tasty jerk.

I was thinking of it more as brown butter is all about perfectionism because browning requires good timing and a careful eye so it would totally be a perfectionist!

Awww... :( Now I am mad at him for being a super jerk and insinuating that comic Tea is somehow not perfect. I shall have to eat him with much gnashing of teeth.

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