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Comic: Brown Butter


Panel 1: Brown Butter
Brown Butter: I'M AWESOME!

Panel 2: Tea and Brown Butter. Tea looks annoyed.
Tea: Hey, this is my strip!
Brown Butter: What's your problem? Not everything is about you, you know.

Panel 3: Brown Butter shows off the delicious things you can use it for.
Brown Butter: Look at all the delicious things you can use me for! Buttered Nuts! Sauces! Cookies! Waffles!

Panel 4: Tea and Brown Butter
Tea: This is what you do!
Brown Butter: Not enough pizzazz! Do it like this!

Panel 5: Brown Butter and Tea
Brown Butter: This is what you do!
Tea: But that IS what I just did!

Panel 6: Brown Butter with a pan full of butter.
Brown Butter: Put some butter in a pan on low heat.
Note: Frying pan or sauce pan will work.

Panel 7: Pan of butter with a fork, Tea and Brown Butter.
Tea: Move it around with a fork as it melts.
Brown Butter: Pfft. Amateur.

Panel 8: Tea, stirring butter, and Brown Butter.
Tea: Keep stirring and stirring as it cooks.
Brown Butter: I will get progressively darker!

Panel 9: Tea shows a pan with brown-colored butter in it.
Tea: When it turns caramel-colored, remove it from heat quickly before it burns!

Panel 10: Tea and Brown Butter
Tea: Unless you WANT it to burn for BEING A JERK.
Brown Butter: Hey.

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Tags: classy art, comics
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