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Comic: Dolltopia

A week and a half ago, I went to Abby Denson’s book release party for her book, Dolltopia. There is a link on her site to buy it!


I went to my friend Abby's book signing.

Panel 1: Abby is excited.
Abby: Thank you for coming! I got a bouffant!

Panel 2: Mermaids inside bubbles
It was in a beauty parlor full or mermaids. No, seriously, MERMAIDS.

Panel 3: Row of cupcakes. They have pink frosting.
There were also a lot of cupcakes.

Panel 4: Abby and Tea and a box o' wine. Tea is pouring wine. It is pink.
Abby: I asked the people at the wine store for the PINKEST wine they have!

Panel 5: A big screen showing dancing stuffed animals. Abby and Tea are watching.
Abby: This is my friend's TV show! They play vinyl records and then they make their stuffed animals dance!*
*Wild Record Collection

Panel 6: Picture of Dolltopia book and Abby.
If this sounds awesome** you should buy her book.
Abby: It has paper dolls and SPOT PINK!
**It does.

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