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Comic: How I do My Hair

A lot of people have asked me about how the Curly Girl thing that I started doing this summer (Read About It Here!) has been going and what I do on an every day basis to keep my hair clean AND shampoo-free. so here is a comic explaining the regular steps that I take now that I've settled into a routine.



Panel 1: Pouring honey into hand
Start with a big dollop of honey.

Panel 2: Tea in shower, singing lyrics to Lady Gaga's Poker Face
Tea: I wanna hold em' like they do in Texas please
Work it into wet hair. Use more if needed.

Panel 3: Tea in shower, from back.
Rinse out under warm water.

Panel 4: Tea wrapped in towel
Tea: Make sure to rinse out all the honey or your hair will be sticky!


Panel 5: Tea in shower, singing lyrics to Lady Gaga's Poker Face while putting in conditioner
Tea: Fold em' let em' hit me raise it baby stay with me
Scrub scalp with lots of super-cheap silicone-free conditioner

Panel 6: Comb in hair that is pulled straight
Comb through until it feels like your wrist will fall off

Panel 7: Tea with head under faucet.
Tea: And baby, brr, this water's cold
Rinse out under cold water.

Panel 8: Tea wrapped in towel
I used Suave Naturals Coconut for this step!


Panel 9: Fingers running through loosely curled hair
Detangle wet hair with fingers

Panel 10: Tea putting conditioner on hair
Glob on expensive silicone-free conditioner

Panel 11: Tea combing hair
Comb through and leave in

Panel 12: Tea wrapped in towel
Tea: I use various conditioners from Nature's Gate!

Panel 13: Tea putting oil in hair and singing more
Tea: Check this hand 'cause I'm Mar-Vel-Ous!
Add natural oils like jojoba or castor oil

Panel 14: Tea holding up a tee-shirt
Wrap in an old tee shirt while dressing

Panel 15: Tea dressed with towel still on head
Forget to remove towel when leaving for work

Panel 16: Tea dressed, with finished hair
Tea: This last step is only for experts!

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