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part of one of my dreams last night was about my old friend kevin from high school. i haven't talked to him since high school but once or twice several years ago. the reason he's important is because my character caffrey's physical look is somewhat loosely based on him; when he first discovered caffrey in one of my notebooks he said he wanted to be him and i obliged. anyway, in this dream i ran into him and was talking to him and he mentioned something about his drawings. now, in real life he used to doodle a lot, mostly these funny looking men with big mouths, but he didn't *draw* seriously. so i asked to see his stuff. he was very hesistant at first, but then he found out that i drew stuff too, which was a little odd since he used to seem somewhat interested in my drawings. so then he decided to let me look. he pulled out this big sketchbook and told me he wanted me to look at some particular stuff. he had to razor through some fluorescent green duct tape-- he's labeled these pages with something like "i fucked up," and showed me some very nice, colorful pencil drawings. they were a little hard to describe. he was called away from the table we were sitting at (an outdoor cafe table) and i looked through the rest of the book. in it, i found an anonymous note i'd written to him years ago, which was a little strange. i don't remember what it said exactly. there was more to the dream but that is the part i remember most clearly.
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