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cap, captain miss america
Hey, pumpkins!

I did some friendslist cleanup this morning, but that pretty much amounted to removing people who haven't posted in literally months. Nobody else. So no hard feelings, I just like to keep my list tidy. If I removed you by accident (if you've posted since September 1, it was an accident!) or if you're still active on LJ and just haven't been posting but would like access to read my locked stuff, please let me know and I will add you back pronto!

I love you guys!

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I don't know if I was never added in the first place, but I think I have posted recently and I hope I can continue reading :)

Oh, ack, you are one of those people I thought I had added back a while ago and never did! There, fixed. And of course. Almost everything is unlocked, anyway.

<3 Indeed :) I LOVED the chin hair comic, by the way. It is a bizarre and dismaying experience that no one ever seems to talk about.

*has no idea if she was removed but I'm trying to post again and want to keep reading your entries!*


Of course not! I am pretty sure you've posted fairly recently and I know you have life-stuff going on. <3

I'm pretty much a non-poster, but I do like reading all your stuff (including the flocked stuff).

BTW, I swear we've been saying this for a year, but we should actually maybe eventually try to meet up at some point ;-)

OK! I will add you back!

And totally! I am usually in CT on the weekend but weekdays (excepting Wednesday) are good for me after work. I know that sort of limits my socializin' time but let me know what your schedule is like.

I just discovered you in the last few weeks and am loving your strips. I don't post often at all, though, and doubt I've even seen a locked post of yours, so... whatever works for you!

Thanks so much! Yeah, I have a bunch of people who read who I don't know super well so I tend to just add people who I either already know or who I get to know pretty well through comments. But I really rarely post anything f-locked, when I do it's usually whining! Thank you for reading and I hope you keep enjoying my comics!

(Deleted comment)
Whoops! Sorry, I think I mixed up which journal you were still using. Got you back on here!

I love you back!

I like your comics a whole lot!!!

Hey wait... is there some kind of neat and organized way to see the last time that members of your flist posted? Because that would be SWELL.

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