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Comic: Vegan Buttercream
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net

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YEAH! We are totally missing icing these days. :)

No one should miss icing! Icing is the best part of the cake!

I know I haven't been around much lately, but I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the comics! It seems like everything else in my life is stressing me out, but your comics make me happy when I see them pop up on my flist. :)

Aw that makes me super happy to hear. I love knowing I cheer people up!

That looks amazing and I love buttercream on cupcakes so I should totes try this.

Do! The ricemallow fluff is kind of expensive but you can do it without it if necessary. Or if you are a meat-eater you can use marshmallow fluff instead-- it's just that that has gelatin in it!

Cooking lesson comics is a faaaabulous idea!

How is the consistency of this frosting?

This is the closest I have gotten to buttercream without butter! You can use oat milk or almond milk instead of water (don't use soy milk, it tastes too soy-y). If you have an electric mixer you can probably get it just like buttercream. I don't so it has tiny lumps in it, but I make it for the people at work and they love it and can't tell it's vegan.

No problem! Also you can replace the ricemallow with marshmallow if you can't get ricemallow or it's too expensive.

I would probably have no idea how to find ricemallow around here, aside from ordering it online. Does ricemallow have a less marshmallowy taste?

I love the disagreeable dairy.

When I eat food now, I totally wonder how you would draw it. Tonight I wondered about chocolate-chip pumpkin bread.

Oh boy! Maybe later I will draw some chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

Yay, you = awesome. Will ensure I make some for the brother over Christmas.


Hi! How did exams go?

If you guys don't have ricemallow there, you can either use marshmallow if he's not allergic to it, or you can just do it without. It should be good either way!

Urgh. They're going okay, but I have six more spread out till the end of term (three next week).

Ooh, thanks for the tip. I think he's okay with marshmallow, but will check before I poison him.

Meant to add thank you for asking - sorry, my manners have been lost in all the revision!!

Thanks for the cute cartoon!

I lol!!

I consume a plant-based diet and like the occasional cupcake, but just cannot justify ever consuming any transfat.

shortening, hydrogenated oil = trans fat It is toxic it is highly recommended that people consume at MOST 0-2g/day
0 is much better ( it is also naturally present in dairy in small amounts)
What can be used instead of trans-fat shortening?

There are loads of trans-fat-free shortenings. You just have to look them up.

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