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cap, captain miss america
I am feeling sick! I think I am going to take tomorrow off and get all the Thanksgiving shopping list making done before the weekend. Today is easy, though, since I'm setting up Wordpress installations. Two of my coworkers are out sick (in my department, which means two of four of the people I interact with every day are ill). I just have a hard time calling in sick-- not because I feel guity, but because I feel like making myself work forces me to be healthy!

I keep meaning to tell everyone about this thing I saw last week that made me laugh. So, I work in the Hearst Tower, which is full of fashion magazine people and models and things like that. Last week, I was leaving my building, and there were these four tall, perfectly-coiffed, made-up, fashion-label-dressed girls standing around outside my building. Not all that uncommon. But they were all holding SNUGGIE BOXES in their hands. SNUGGIE. BOXES. It was super incongruous.

Does anyone have any topics (food topics or other) that you would like to see comics about/of? Please bring them on! I have been having a sluggish idea week.

Yesterday in class, we studied lettering! Which was something I really needed to do. I am good at lettering when I really try-- but I am super lazy about it when I'm drawing my comics. I need to work that shit out!

How is everyone else this morning? Ahhh I know there were other things I wanted to talk about but now that I am typing, I am forgetting them all. Stupid brain!

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*sends tea and a fluffy blanket*


<3 Thank you!

HAHAHA!! My three 'medic' icons are more fandom-specific, so I had to wing it.. %]

Maybe a soup comic? You could suggest feel-better things other than chicken soup (or the ultimate recipe for that).

Um. I actually HAVE a soup comic in the queue.

Don't be sick! I am actually trying to figure out if I am coming down with something, or just stressed. I wish I wasn't so fail at assessing my physical state.

You should write about the Green Goddess. Or the Creole Creamery. Or anyplace else with tasty food. You can never ever have too many comics about tasty food.

I do need to write about those things. But I want to do some non-food comics too.

...maybe i'm just being daft here, but, what's a snuggie box?

by the way, I hope you get well soon *healing vibes*

Oh, a box with a Snuggie in it! Like, a Snuggie in the package.

Comic about snuggies!

I hope you do not have the swine! I just got over it and it was the most un-fun I've had in a while. Be well!

I am sorry, I totally missed a bunch of comments on this post last week! thank you for your well-wishes. I did not have swine flu! I felt way better the next day!

I have no comic ideas. I just wanted to say that I hope you get better soon!

I hadn't heared of Snuggies yet, had fun google imaging it :p

Oh goodness! How did you miss the wonder that is Snuggies?

What's it like living in NYC? I would love to live there, but I feel like I would probably hate it.

You know, that is a hard question to answer because for me, NYC is the baseline, and living everywhere else is kinda weird.

I can tell you that when I go to other parts of the US, particularly not-big-cities, the overwhelming numbers of white people kind of creep me out. I also don't get having to get in the car to go to get groceries-- I have about five grocery store options all within a five minute walk. Or drug stores! And I hate having to think about whether places will be closed-- the idea of not being able to get basic staples at any hour of the night is frustrating. That was the thing I liked least about living in Boston-- that, and the mass transit closing. I expect to be able to get anywhere in the city limits within about a half hour on the subway.

Do you have any specific questions? I can tell you about specific things if there is something you want to know!

i'm hosting a "friendsgiving" party and was trying to think of good fall/thanksgivingish drinks. and then i thought how tea really needs to make a comic about this, cuz she is the master bartender! so that is my suggestion!

When is your party? I did a good Thanksgiving cocktail this weekend that I haven't posted yet. And the Grey Fog one in my most recent cocktail post would also be good.

If you tell me what kind of liquor/flavors you like, I can totally tell you what to use.

The party's the day before Thanksgiving. I thought the Grey Fog sounded good when you posted it. As for liquors/flavors, I have to confess I'm very inexperienced! Mostly college parties with cheap beers, vodka and rum. But I want to get a little more sophisticated this time around! I guess I tend to enjoy more of the sweeter citrusy flavors. Don't know how well that goes with thanksgiving though..

Well, cranberry, clementine, blood orange, apple, pear, and pomegranate are all very Thanksgivingy!

The drink I made this weekend has bourbon (or whiskey) and cranberry in it. You could also make the Grey Fog with vodka if you like vodka better-- even if you want to do it with gin, some people really don't like gin so having vodka on hand is a good idea. Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum is really good with clementine in it, and gin is very good with pomegranate.

I think I'll definitely have to try the Grey Fog out. Thanks for the suggestions!

Hey, just FYI, I just posted two more Thanksgivingy drinks you might want to check out!

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