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Seas of Erin Charrie Meme

quizzicalsphinx posted this meme about roleplaying characters. I answered it!

~ If you don't have at least 8 OCs I wouldn't recommend this meme.
~ Add on questions to this meme! It will make it bigger!

I think for those of you who don't roleplay but who write, you could totally do this for your writing charries too! It was fun and some of the questions were actually hard!

1) First list all your OCs by first name so we can see your list of all your wonderful OCs:

I have more than eight, so I'm going with the first eight I think of/play most

1) Marcello Basciano
2) Elaine Romain
3) Andre Romain
4) Miranda Jones
5) Dierdre of Brideslea
6) Pepita Bawkbegokk LeFay, Queen of the Erins
7) Alex "The Admiral" Romain
8) Robin "The Puck" Goodfellow

2) Who is your favorite OC?

To play? Probably Elaine. She's incredibly manipulative and self-involved without realizing it. Marcello comes in second only because he's too nice.

3) Who is your least favourite?

Pepita is the one who is the hardest to play; getting into the mindframe of a chicken: difficult. But I didn't put the ones I don't like playing on this list :-P Usually if I don't like playing someone, I stop playing them. Or kill them.

4) Who is your most developed?

Marcello has the most backstory and is probably the easiest to play because he's developed to the point where writing him is second nature. I don't need to think to write for him. Elaine is catching up, though.

5) Which OC would you want to date if they magically came to life?

Um. Maybe Andre? I think Dierdre is the hottest but she's kind of high-maintenance. Andre is a sweet guy, if a little dumb. And it has been established in game that he has an ogle-able ass.

6) How many girl OCs do you have? Boy OCs? It OCs?

On this list, I have an equal number (if you count Puck as a boy), although if you get into more minor characters, I lean slightly more toward the ladies, which is weird because I slways used to lean more toward the men. I could write an essay on how the matriarchal power dynamics in the Erins make female characters more appealing. Puck is usually referred to as an "it" in-game, even though he ha a very, very large, furry male organ. I do play one large, hairy, male dog, and one character who is physically female but doesn't ascribe to a traditional gender binary.

7) If you were stuck in a burning building what do you think the third OC on your list would do?

That's Andre. Andre would try to rescue me. And the kittens. And then go back in to look for stuffed animals. And get out alive but end up suffering seriousl smoke inhalation and pretending it was no big deal!

8) Name one thing you regret about one of your OCs.

Regret? Regret is kinda a strong word for a fictional character, isn't it? I guess I regret havng to move Andre to Mercer when he knocked up Spider, because I like playing him and he's been kinda out of things! But we're in the process of fixing that.

9) Which of your OCs do you think would make the best father/mother/it parent out of all your OCs and why?

Marcello. He's already raised five kids, he loves kids, and he often gets along better with kids than with adults, but he's still good at actually taking care of them and not just being their pal. I am glad this meme didn't ask worst parent, though, because there is a lot of competition.

10) Which of your OCs do you think will most likely be put in jail?

Dierdre is IN jail right now! Does that count? Andre, Marcello, and Alex have all been in jail previously! Pepita has been in a chicken coop!

11) The eighth of your OCs was put into the future! What will their job be?

Um. You just asked what Puck's job will be. He says he would like to be a pony farmer. His eyes are glittering maniacally.

12) Name the first OCs catch phrase!

Marcello doesn't have a catch phrase, but he does tug on his earring an awful lot. This is because if he had a catch phrase, it would take an hour to recite.

13) Do all your OCs live together or are they separated?

Actually, right now? None of them live together! The closest thing to living together is the part where Dierdre is in Pepita's jail. Other than that, Marcello lives with his girlfriend at Cnoch-na-Niall, Elaine lives on a ship, Andre...will be having to figure out another place to live since his house just sank into the underground river, Mira lives in England, Alex lives somewhere secrety mc secret, and Puck lives under a bower of rosepetals and will-o-the-wisp.

14) Are there any pairings that are in your OC list? (they can't be with someone else's)

Nope! Although the Puck says it would get it on with any of them, and Alex used to be married to one of my other characters. Then he died.

15) Your seventh OC switched bodies with you for a day! How will they react at the end of the day?

Oh god. Um, I would come back to discover that I had illicitly gained a lot of money and potentially taken over a small country, and Alex would find himself signed up for a lot of online communities and with a nice feedreading list.

16) Your last OC just became a fifteen year old. What do they do?

Are we talking about a NORMAL fifteen year old? Because I have a feeling that's close to the age Puck was when he went all hobby-gobblin' on folks. I don't really KNOW. He would be slightly less horny and a lot less menacing. He'd probably veg out playing Playstation all day.

17) Now randomly select a person on your OC list. Who was it?

Mira. Mira hasn't really answered one yet.

18) That OC you just chose? Yeah, they think they are superman (even if they are a girl) and are on the roof about to jump off.

Oh dear. At the moment, Mira is about four months pregnant with a half-fairy baby and her babydaddy is n another plane of existence. I think her mother would tackle her and hold her down and then write another letter to the crazy fairy lady and say someone had better do something about her daughter NOW.

19) Are any of your OCs bored of this meme?

Actually, Marcello is disappointed that there haven't been more questions about him. Elaine is clipping her nails. Andre is sitting there eagerly and attentively in case he misses something. Mira is writing "Miranda Dubhagain" in curlicue writing in the margins. Dierdre is tapping her foot irritably and says she would rather be in prison. Pepita thinks this is a wonderful meme! Alex says yes, he's bored. The Puck left the room a little while ago and, oh god, is that horrible sound coming from the neighbor's cat?

20) Would your second OC prefer the beach or the mountains?

Elaine says that the beach is closet to the sea, and therefore preferable, because she is a Sea Witch in training, not a Mountain Witch in training. However, sometimes she would like to run away to the mountains.

21) Would your 5th OC battle a shark?

Let her at it.

22) Which OCs hate each other?

Everyone but Pepita hates the Puck! And even she is very disappointed in the Puck right now!
Andre and Elaine are not big Admiral fans, and the Admiral is still not pleased that Marcello slept with his ex-widow.
I would guess that things between Marcello and Dierdre will be uneasy when next they meet. Dierdre never liked Marcello. Marcello s not going to blame his girlfriend cheating on him on the girl she did it with.

23) Which OC did you create first? And last?

Oh, god. Marcello is technically a holdover from DotG, so he has been around since 2002. Oddly enough, though, Cara, who isn't on this list, is even older. Pepita is from 2003, but I never played her as a person, just as a chicken. Mira has been around since 2002ish as well but basically as an NPC. Andre and Elaine are both characters from notes for a book I did not write. Everyone else was invented for Erins, so they've been around since 2007 or later.

24) What would character #3 want for Christmas?

Andre wants peace on earth and good will toward men! Also, he'd like his ship back, and a nice new warm coat.

25) What was Character 5's childhood dream?

Oh god. Dierdre wanted to be a beautiful princess and live in a castle. Only she didn't understand why she couldn't be married to ANOTHER princess instead of an icky boy.

26) Are your OCs fat or skinny?

Most of them are about average! Marcello has a fencer's build, slender and wiry. Elaine is a 16 year old, so she's a little rounded and soft but she's not especially chubby. Andre is probably the fittest of my characters. Mira is gaining weight rapidly, because she's, you know, pregnant. She's still pretty small just because she's young but her mother is a classic hippy Italian and I expect Mira will end up with that sort of body type. Dee burns calories throwing temper tantrums. One of Pepita's fairy godparents gave her the gift of a perfect hourglass figure so she will always have a perfect hourglass figure. The Admiral's build is pretty much the same as Andre's with the exception that the Admiral has a longer torso and Andre has longer legs.

27) What are your first 2 OC's favorite foods?

Um, do you want to be here all day? Marcello loves everything, except his favorite meal is potato gnocchi in brown butter with crispy sage and gorgonzola, or braised short ribs over a bed of polenta with a bolognese sauce. He also likes sauteed calves' liver with bacon and onions. And panna cotta. And zeppole.

Elaine, on the other hand, isn't a big food person. She likes sweets. Punch, and flaky pastries with lots of cream, and fruit. She likes grapes!

28) If your listed OCs were in a fight to the death, who would emerge victorious?

Oddly enough, probably Pepita. It just seems like something she would do. Also, one of her fairy gifts is the ability to emerge victorious from fights to the death.

29) There's a zombie attack and your OCs are stranded. Who do they elect to be their leader?

The Admiral. In spite of not liking him much, everyone knows he's the best at executing a plan. Unfortunately, his plan probably involves using his son as zombie bait.

30) During said zombie attack, who's the first to die?

Andre. See above.

31) Which one of these OCs do you think would have the most fangirls/boys?

The Admiral seems to have the most fans among players in the game, but that is because he is a dead sexy evil silver fox. Or something.

32) Okay, so does OC number four have any last thoughts?

Mira says no, she's already been confined to her room until he parents sort out whether they can marry her off quick.

33) If possible, what's your characters' height?

Marcello is about 5'9"
Elaine is somewhere between 5'2" and 5'3" and her growth is slowly tapering off
Andre is about 5'10"
Mira is 5'4"
Dee is 4'9" (she's a fairy; they're short)
Pepita is 5'6" but she can be taller when her ears are pointing up!
Alex, like Andre, is about 5'10"
The Puck is however tall it wants to be.

34) Can your characters dance?

Marcello can dance very well, ballroom AND country style. Elaine learned to dance in the convent. Andre supposedly learned to dance but he's not very good at it. Mira likes dancing but doesn't "know how." Dee knows how to dance, but she always ends up leading by accident. Pepita dances like a snowflake on feet as light as rose petals, because that is one of the gifts she got from her fairy godparents. Alex is probably an excellent dancer. The Puck likes bumping and grinding, does that count?

35) What tv shows would your characters enjoy?

Marcello would be totally into American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway, etc. And Food Network. Everything on the Food Network. Except he would spend most of the Rachael Ray show talking about how he could do everything better than her.
Elaine would watch more sci-fi oriented shows, but the ones with pretty people-- probably Dollhouse, Supernatural, Smallville, Heroes, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, V...
Andre would watch Glee, Ugly Betty, and Extreme Home Makeover
Miranda would watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.
Dierdre would watch Wipeout, Mythbusters and 30 Rock. And Grey's Anatomy, but she would be watching for the hot lesbians and not the heartwarming medical stories.
Pepita would watch all the same shows as Andre, plus Dora the Explorer.
The Admiral would watch Mad Men, House, Dexter, Lie to Me, Psych...pretty much any show with a charismatic and manipulative leading man.
The Puck would watch the scrambled skinflicks.

I made this easy to pick up for anyone who wants to:


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  • Ant-Man stuff

    I have been having a lot of feelings about Ant-Man over on tumblr if anyone is interested:…

  • Flit like a Honeybee, Sting like the...

    So, back last year, I got really upset when I heard that Janet Van Dyne was being more or less completely removed from the MCU franchise. She is…

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