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My Dad is LOL
cap, captain miss america
Quote from this weekend:

TV Show about Thankgiving: "Each year, it is customary for the President of the United States to pardon a single turkey on Thanksgiving."
Daddy: "So do you think this year President Obama is going to pardon George W. Bush?"

I am wearing a new dress, I am way behind on comics this week, and I will post more later!

How is everyone else today?

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Quite good. Though I'm behind on lots of things, too. :)

I think it is just this time of year! The getting dark early makes me sleepy, plus holidays coming up!

"What cheese do Italian horse rustlers eat?"


I heard this, and thought of you (it being food related, not it being lame).

I am especially good, as Toby went to bed at 5.50 pm after 2 teary sleepless nights of teething!

What's the new dress like?

MARSCAPONY. That sounds like it should be a Strawberry Shortcake pet!

Mmmm hungry now.

Oh, and new dress is a brown and beige cable-knit shirt dress. It is super short, but I have thick brown stockings that are almost like leggings!

Sleepy. I wish I could wear my new dress, but it's too cold. (I know cold for me is warm for you..pshh.)

I have tights that are like made out of polar bears or something! It's actually been pretty warm here the last few days! Yesterday I was out in tee shirt and jeans!

I am...surviving. Work has piled up. Today we hit the "3 weeks until the end of term" benchmark, which is a lot more upsetting than last week's "one month" benchmark.

I have a long day in the library planned. :(

Dad is quick!

I have McDonalds, so I can't really complain! :d

Woo McDonalds! I don't think I have had McDonalds in AGES.

I'm good today! Just almost cried over about the dumbest thing possible, but then I didn't! Successfully canceled my PT appointment for tomorrow, which I guess is a bad thing but I'm pleased with myself for getting it taken care of. My best friend called me after class this morning, knowing that I usually cry in the first class of the day, and chatted with me for the better part of an hour and closed off with, "And don't cry in your next class. But if you do and you're feeling bad, call me." - all of which really cheered me up. Aaaand the topic that makes me cry should be over now, so maybe I won't cry every Monday Wednesday Friday before 10am from now on! And, hey, everything that I'm pleased about should actually be a mixed bag but is really making me quite happy. Hooray for optimism!

Aw! I hate when my emotions get the better of me and my body wants to make me cry. So I am proud of you for not crying! Optimism is good!

And, oh, man, my emotions have been beating me over the head with sticks of late. So I'm like YES GO ME I MADE IT 47 HOURS WITHOUT CRYING THIS WEEKEND! :-)

Good job!

Have you looked into getting a blue light? When I get crying jags in the fall, it's usually because of decreased light. I have a small portable blue light, which costs about $75-100, and using it fifteen minutes a day really helps.

I'm thinking that's unlikely to be it, since I've lived at a latitude with this level of light in the fall for two years and even less for five? And there are definitely Major Stressors that've been hanging out with me. But they should be going away and I think the crying jag is also on its way out. If not, I will keep this in mind.

I think I love your Dad. Not in an icky way, though.

I am okay. Aside from the misery, I'm doing quite well.

Awww, my dad would love you too!

Haha, I read the first line and all I could think was "But will the press secretary have to decide and hold them in her office?"

Oi, West Wing, you have invaded my brain yet again.

Aw! I have a picture for my next post you will like.

(Deleted comment)
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