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i really have to do some work, but i am very proud of myself. i wrote almost nine pages last night. i don't know if they are any good, but it's very nice. someone (thank you) gave me a lot more confidence to move forward with the book just as it is, so that is what i'm going to do. i'm just going to write everything i can think of and then if it is too long, i can cut it down to size later. i'm just going to try to write everything as it happens, and write everything that i know about that happens, not just the major plot points. little stuff that i'm worried doesn't really matter to the story. i'm just going to write it. if i write five pages a day, i will be done with it all in a month to two months, assuming the book is between 200 and 300 pp long.

and then what?

on a not so good note, my computer at home...i think misanthropy is dying. very sad. so sad. and i just bought it some nice RAM. i backed up my stories so i wouldn't lose them. and the nekomimicon doll.

back to work for tea. i have too much work, i shouldn't be writing so much, i know...i won't finish in time if i keep this up; it's very bad.
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