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Comic: One Pot, Three Soups
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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I make soup from scratch every winter! My recipe is basically a mixture of chicken and veggie broth with chicken, either noodles or rice, a bay leaf, some basil, and every single kind of veggie I have in my fridge. Very nutritious!

Last spring my boss gave me most of a rotisserie chicken they didn't eat at easter and I actually stripped and boiled the carcass for stock and then made chicken noodle soup with the meat I took off the bird. Yum yum yum.

I remember that! I think you posted about it when you did it!

Chicken soup is the win.

I need plushies made of this recipe! So many veggies and utensils to hug.

I second this. I want to hug every singe one of them.

I would love to make plushies of my foods!

These look amazing. I think I'll make them this weekend.

They were nommy! You would like them!

Every time I read the title of this comic, I think of one of my grandfather's favorite jokes:

What do you think of a chef who cooks carrots and peas in the same pot?



I never understood this joke as a child.

I still don't understand it! What is the joke?

Well, you see, "peas" sounds an awful lot like "pees"...

High-brow humor.

Oh! I guess it is funnier hearing it out loud.

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