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Comic: Ice Cream
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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Oh, so now you get to suddenly tell me what items of clothing I can't put into my ice cream, do you? Who made you the queen of frozen deserts?

Oh. That's entirely different.

Does this mean the position of Queen is still open? Because I have excellent credentials.

I am taking applications. And bribes.

Are "ice cream freezers" a special kind of freezer or will any freezer do?

Ice Cream Freezers. You can get a decent one for between $20 and $50.


If I end my life locked in my own kitchen and drowning in delicious frozen treats, it will be your fault!

And I will be satisfied that you left this life in insurmountable bliss!

We had a great flavor in Japan--purple sweet potato ice cream. It's even better if you get the swirled variety, with vanilla mixed in.


You have it out for me, I swear. XD

I love making ice cream. I may or may not be getting my dad a new ice cream freezer for Christmas so I can hijack it and make ice cream.

I love making ice cream!! But I love my berry kind the most. So here we go, chock full of vitamins! The berries can be any mixture of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and so on. (warning european measurements)

300 gram frozen berries
1 egg yolk
2,5 dl milk
1 dl cream
1 dl sugar
Possibly vanilla, cardamon or other spices

Mix it all together, put it in th ice cream freezer, then freeze. It goes rather fast since the berries were already frozen.

Hmmm seems my ice cream freezer might be made to take bigger loads than yours Tea... but the recepies can aways be adapted.

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