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Comic: Crazies!
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.


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Is this Wacked Out Weirdo Religious Day or something?! On campus today some guy was yelling and lecturing and raining hellfire and brimstone for a good 3 hours.

There is this guy near work who sings "How Great Thou Art" in this slurred voice and hands out religious tracts!

In Savannah, I encountered a woman who was yelling and shouting as she was walking, demanding God to tell her as to why she didn't have any friends.

Let Me give you a hint...if you yell at them like you yell at Me..."

I adore you. Never quit what you do!

This is why I miss living downtown. Best comic yet!

The ones that worry me, are the ones that sound EXACTLY like they are talking on a hands-free phone... but they aren't.

This reminds me, I was in a park in Amsterdam talking to a friend, and this person came up to me and yelled in English, "THERE IS NO GOD!" and lingered around me, angrily rambling about it for a minute. I feel like no one ever gets to encounter atheist crazy people, and I had experienced something special.

I almost got to meet God Bless You! Man.

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