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Thanksgiving Tip of the Day: Perfect Cranberry Sauce #1

I don’t have access to a scanner to post comics this week, so instead of comics, I’ll be posting Thanksgiving cooking tips!

Confession: I love canned cranberry sauce, that shivering gelatinous mass that slides its way out of the can once a year, wriggling and quivering on the plate like some kind of mighty forebearer to Jell-O. I love it. Love the flavor, love the texture…

But don’t let it on my table at Thanksgiving.

Maybe I’m a dork, maybe I’m a purist, but on Thanksgiving, everything on the table has to be homemade. With the exception, the single exception I make for my father, of frozen peas– I’ll tell you that story when it’s not 3 AM.

Plenty of us grew up with the canned variation, but if you want to challenge yourself to make a real home-cooked Thanksgiving, or if you’re a guest at someone else’s Thanksgiving and want to impress folks, a from-scratch cooked cranberry sauce might be a good way to go (hint: you can also use it as pie filling if you want to make a cranberry pie. Just follow the instructions here but double the recipe, and then fold the sauce in between two delicious pie crusts. You’ll have a little leftover this way, most likely, but it’s closer to two recipes than one. You can make filled cookies, tarts or turnovers with it, too!)

How do you do it, though? It’s easy!

1) Buy a bag of cranberries (almost every grocery store has them right now!)

2) Put a cup of water and a cup of sugar in a pot. Boil these puppies!

3) When the water and sugar are boiling, turn the heat to medium and add the cranberries!


NOTE: You can add other fruits at this point! But note that many other fruits will need to boil longer than the cranberries do! For example, I used clementines, and those took about a half-hour, after I blanched them to soften the skin. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can add juice instead, replacing part of the water. If you add juice with a lot of sugar, cut the water AND the sugar, like so:

1/2 cup sugary juice 3/4 cup water 3/4 sugar

Juices that are good in cranberry sauce: Apple, Orange, Tangerine, Lime, Grape, Grapefruit, Pomegranate

4) Just let them simmer until they pop!

If you’re new to this, you might not be sure WHEN “until they pop” means. They will start to break open after about a minute, but this is like popcorn– it’s not ready just because a few impatient kernels have busted themselves inside out!

(This is not ready!)

Wait until so many of them have popped that the sauce is a jellylike mush. When it’s ready, it should look like this:

(This is ready!)

This usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

5) Take it off the heat and let it cool in the pot. Then put it in a plastic container until the big day (you can totally make it three or four days ahead, no sweat). You can also add some seasonings or herbs if you like– it’s especially good with fresh mint!

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