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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
argh, so...

i went to my gynaecologist appointment, had to leave work to do it, and got there are filled out some forms and then waited a bit and then WHAM they tell me that they have to cancel my appointment because the doctor has to perform a delivery.

i am so pissed off. i spent all this time out of work for nada. and it took me song long to find a doctor who accepts my insurance. this SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. so they told me to rescedule, but that is gonna take another month, so i'm wondering if i shouldn't just find another doctor.

poop poop poop.

and i missed lunch to do this. i bought myself a yogurt on my way back to work, and then i got in the door and there was still some brown rice left from the chinese food order, so i ate some brown rice. and i got a fortune cookie that says:

"you will move to a wonderful new home within the year."
lucky numbers 4,11,16,39,44,45

that would be nice.