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Comic: The Adventures of Naked Daddy
cap, captain miss america
Everyone liked the last Naked Daddy comic so much that I thought I would do another starring him!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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...I know there are sick people out there, but seriously, it almost seems sicker to make kids tell story with dolls about their trauma.

Fortunately, I was completely untraumatized, so it only occurred to me that someone had taken the dolls' clothes off (which was the most fun about playing with dolls anyway!) But yeah, I am sure for some kids it could be horrifying. I have heard that for some children, acting out abuse with dolls can be helpful and cathartic. But it really depends on the kid.

I don't mean to hijack your thread, but at least in my training, dolls are generally used as proxies so the child can say "the doll feels this," but it's usually not the first place most therapists and counselors will go with a little kid-- usually we use drawings rather than dolls, especially not anatomically correct naked ones. That's just a little too psychoanalytical for my tastes. I kind of wonder if your therapist wasn't a Neo-Freudian, actually.

Dolls are also helpful in gestalt therapy, but that's incredibly complicated and pretty intensive. That's also fallen well out of favor these days, too.

Yeah, I've seen lots of suggestions of using dolls to help kids illustrate where they were touched or other proxy-activities, but this was...I'm not sure what the name for it was, but it was pretty common in the early eighties as a diagnostic tool: there was a school of thought at the time that believed that kids who fixated on the genitals or played out sexual acts with the dolls were being sexually abused. I'm not the only person I know who was in therapy at that time period who was given dolls like this, so it seems to have been pretty common at the time. It's just been completely disproven.

Yup, sound's like it was grounded over in Freud World. It seemed to come back into vogue back in the late 70s and early 80s. I could go all tl;dr on the Neo-X that has been going on in therapy circles since the 50s or so, but I'll spare you.

We seem to have gone right over into Humanism and Cognitive Behavioralism these days. At least, that's what the faculty teaching my generation of therapists like to teach.

He loves you! But not in the bad touch way.

Man that therapist sure loved her dolls. My therapist was all about play doh.

This is technically two different therapists conflated, but the dolls were just one of them. The other one was the lady I did the teddy bear thing to. She was just a bit daft.

I think this is my favourite comic so far.

I STILL love her saggy boobs. They're so funneh! Almost as funny as naked!daddy.

Ahaha thanks. It makes her fun to draw.

Yay naked daddy!

Now I suppose that this is something that would have happened if I had that situation presented to me too, because cavemen are COOL.



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