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Comic: PEAS
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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In this one, your dad sounds kind of like my dad. In what Mom and I started calling "Dad, the Musical" (a dramatized version of his various complaints), there was a whole number entitled, "The Toast is Raw!"

(Only your dad sounds funny and not obsessive and controlling.)

I just showed this comic to Mom (but not my comment), and she said, "Oh, does Tea have Dad, the Musical, too?" :P

YES WE DO HAVE DAD, THE MUSICAL. Only he forgets the words. Always.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm so glad I didn't read this while there were still visitors in the museum. It scares people when they hear laughing in the doll exhibit (which is just outside my office).

Oh dear! Creepy laughing in the doll exhibit could be frightening.

Tea! Your comics are so awesome. I just wanted to pipe up and remind you of that. I get so stoked whenever I see one of your posts!

Thank you! I am glad you like them!

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