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Comic: Mayonnaise
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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In Costa Rica the main foodstuff brand had this mayo "con limon" and it was amazing on everything. Oh how I miss it. I'll have to attempt my own version one of these days.

You can just make your mayo with lemon and I bet it would be close!

Excellent---I enjoy the faces so much...Mustard is awesome and the look onn Blender? priceless! *is a Hellman's fan*

Edited at 2009-12-08 12:24 am (UTC)

I am a Hellman's fan, too! And thank you so much!

Hellman's ftw!

Also, thank you so much for the gift! ♥ It really brightened my studying day :]

You are welcome! And yes Team Hellman's!

I prefer to think of Mayo as something that occurs naturally in nature, because I don't like acknowledging what it's actually made up of.

But it is made out of such delicious things!

I've been making my own mayo for a while now. I use whey and raw apple cider vinegar to boost the enzyme content, making it not only a tasty condiment, but a nutritionally useful one as well!

Ooooh nom nom nom nom! I have made it with apple cider vinegar before and that is super yum!

Vegenaise FTW--free of both cholesterol and cruelty.

Do you have a good vegenaise recipe?

I make my mayo with eggs from the farm down the street! They are very nice to their chickens!


I add a little more lemon juice and paprika because I like it spicier than most people, but this one is my favorite! Some of them are really nasty. Make SURE to use regular soymilk--most people's default is vanilla, which is great for cereal and baking, but not so great for savory dishes like mayonnaise, soups, and pot pies.

Can you switch it out for oat milk or almond milk? Those are usually what I keep in the house.

I'd beware of the general sweetness of almond milk. I haven't had oat milk plain so I don't know how it tastes, but if there's an unsweetened type, then I'd go with that. You can always add sugar if it's too tangy!

Yeah, I only buy unsweetened milk! But that is funny because I find almond milk less sweet than soy in general! I just don't really drink soy milk because I don't like the flavor.

And also, I'd totes use eggs in baking if I had my own chickens and knew that I could get eggs from a nice source like a family farm. Unfortunately, we don't really do non-caged chickens out here D: D: D:

I am sorry! We have a bunch of farms in the area. One of them even has chickens that lay green eggs!

Mmm, mayonnaise. So good with chips. I'm also impressed how cute you manage to make mayonnaise look, cute isn't normally a word I associate with various condiments, heh.
At Nando's where I used to work they have a thing called Perinaise, which is mayonnaise with peri spice in and it is absolutely delicious. Spicy mayonnaise, om nom nom.

By the way, thankyou so much for my v-gift :) Very kind of you, made me smile :)

Oh you're welcome! And I love flavored mayonnaises! I like wasabi mayo best; we usually make it to go on tempura beans.

My dad has BACON flavored mayo. It is called "Baconaise"

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