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Exciting Work Stuff!
cap, captain miss america

So today is EC Segar’s Birthday!

And that means Popeye totally got a Google call-out:

Sweet, huh?

In other news, I upgraded the King Features Cafepress Stores just in time for the holidays! Not to turn this into a sales pitch, but there are tee shirts and mugs and tote bags and all kinds of stuff from twenty of our comics. There are still a few glitches with the pages but I am going to be talking to CafePress today to get them ironed out. The buying stuff part works!

I have more exciting work stuff that will be coming up soon!

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My friend was pointing out yesterday that Google does all of these special graphics for artists and pop culture, but yesterday was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor and there's no graphic for that...

I actually suppose that I understand some of the motivation--wanting to avoid the political and whatnot. But they did a special graphic for the fall of the Berlin Wall, which is also political.

Anyway, I think the Popeye graphic is cool. Just started me thinking more about what Google chooses to recognize.

Hmm. I wonder if they have done Pearl Harbor in past years? They don't do every event every year, and they tend to not repeat events other than the most major holidays or major anniversaries, so I would expect they will do Pearl Harbor in 2011.

Super awesome and classy!

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