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Comic: Lay Down The Boogie
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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Hehe. Abruptly ending comic ends abruptly.

How does your Dad take his internet comic fame? Have you threatened him with Comic Daddy merchandise yet?

He just wants more hair! He is all stoked about being famous on the internet and wants to make his own webcomic.

Sounds like my Dad. He would insist he was funnier in real life too.

I think my dad is satisfied with the level of funny. Just not with the amount of hair! Also, I think he wishes I would make comics about when he was being intentionally funny.

Hilarious, and love the little music notes, but...
one thing to be aware of
You got a case of the Disappearing glasses.

Yeah, one of my friends pointed it out to me. Oops!

I have never heard this song (though I've heard of it).

Your comics make me realise that there are few things I'm missing out on.

Oh no! We need to pop your Wild Cherry Cherry!

OH NO! He does not have more hair this time either...

Ha ha, yes. Love the ending.

I was going to try Jedi stuff, but I'll just ask instead. Can you draw me? :D I'll draw you!

of course i can draw you! i will do that tomorrow!

Why do all of your comics end abruptly?

Because my dad changes the subject, of course!

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