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LJ Idol Week 7: "One Touch"
cap, captain miss america
For this topic, I've drawn two separate comics.



Panel 1: There is a very old-school computer mouse (single button) and little Tea is wearing a unicorn tee shirt with pink hearts and looking at the mouse in terror

Panel 2: Little Tea has the mouse hooked up to a computer. The computer parts are labeled "16 Color Monitor" and "Giant CPU"

LIttle Tea: It is called a Mouse. You click it and it moves the cursor to where you want it to go. Sort of.

Panel 3: Tea is playing on a computer. She is clicking the mouse. A little man is running on the computer screen.
Little Tea: Wow!

Panel 4: A picture of the little man, close up. He is very pixellated. The arrow is clicking on or near some stairs or a cliff or something.

Panel5: The man has fallen off the stairs-cliff-thing.
Sound effect: FWOOSH!

Panel 6: Little Tea looks traumatized
Little Tea: MY MAN DIED.

Panel 7: Little Tea looking even more traumatized
Little Tea: Mice are hard.

Panel 8: Tea's hand on the arrow keys of the computer keyboard.
Little Tea: Oh keyboard, never forsake me.


CANCER DOG (title has a picture of dog's face)

Panel 1: Tea answering the phone
Tea: Hello, Dog Rescue! How may I help you?

Panel 2: Voice coming out of the phone.
Voice: Hello! This is Charlie's Mom. The vet says Charlie has cancer, so I don't want him anymore. I'd like to return him.

Panel 3: Tea, looking kind of pissed off.
Tea: Uh. What.
Voice: Are you around tomorrow so I can drop him off?

Panel 4: The Vet and Charlie, smiling. Charlie is a very large dog (Great Pyrenees to be exact)
Vet: Good news! We were able to remove the tumor.

Panel 5: Close up of Vet
Vet: But he should stay away from other dogs while he recovers.

Panel 6: The vet looks on while Tea crouches down to pet Charlie.
Tea: Okay, Cancer Dog. I guess you'll be staying in the office with me!
Charlie: Woof!

Panel 7: Tea is on the computer. Charlie is watching.

Panel 8: Tea's hand on computer mouse.

Panel 9: Charlie's paw pushes Tea's hand off the mouse.

Panel 10: Tea looks annoyed.
Tea: Hey! Can't you see I'm trying to work?

Panel 11: Close up of Charlie with giant hearts for eyes.
Charlie: Pant pant

Panel 12: Tea with a sort of gooshy expression.
Tea: Awwww

Panel 13: Charlie's tail is wagging as he licks Tea's face. Tea hugs Charlie in return.
Charlie: Kiss!
Tea: Okay, okay! I get it!

This entry was written for therealljidol Week 6: One Touch

I love these. I really do. I look forward to see your art.

Thank you! I look forward to getting the prompts every week because it helps me brainstorm the rest of my comics for the week, too!

(Deleted comment)
Awww cancer dog... seriously, the opening phone conversation there, is it true? I love the look on your face there, and I suspect I would have felt the same. Also, I love lil' Tea's hair...

Yup, true story! Charlie was a dog who had come to the rescue with a tumor, we had had the tumor removed, and then adopted him out to this lady. The lady knew he had a history of cancer and that it might recur-- it was a not-very-dangerous kind, as long as you kept checking for tumors and had them removed, which costs a couple of hundred dollars. She had him for about six months and the first time he had a tumor again, she called and I picked up the phone. Charlie had been adopted before I started working at the rescue so I had no idea what was going on. She left him at the rescue and we took him to get the tumor out, which cost us about $400.

I understand, I guess, being faced with the possibility that your dog will have small tumors his whole life, that you are going to have to dedicate more time and money to keeping your pet healthy than you expected, but she already knew this was likely and should have picked another dog if she couldn't deal with it.

Love them. The second one was especially sweet.:)

Awwwww Charlie the Cancer Dog. He could be like a doggie superhero, going around giving doggie hugs to people who aren't complete jerks and don't abandon their animals when they have treatable medical problems.

I tell you, that pissed me off so much. Especially since she could have at least called us and told us if she couldn't pay for his surgery and we would have helped her out.

Haha, they're both cute. The unicorn shirt is hilarious!

I'm curious, though. Were they meant to be connected in some sort of way, or...?

They are both stories from my life where I used computer mice, which was one of the things that "one touch" brought to mind for me!

And I totally had that shirt.

Are you aiming to make a book of these one day? I would love to buy it!

Dude, I would love to make a book! And sell it! I am excited by how many people say they would buy it!

Cute, as usual. Gotta love those puppy dogs!

Giggling and understanding (stupid mouse! I did not want to go THERE!) and then a giant awww for the second <3

Thanks! He was such a sweet doggie!

I love the second one. But I'm a sucker for dog stories.

Hee! I am actually way more of a cat person. But Charlie was awesome.

Cancer dogs are very good at using mice

They are! It is their superpower.

You make me tear up sometimes ;_____;

... honest to god I want to punch Charlie's former owner in the face.

I spent months nursing and worrying over my cat with a huge ass tumor on her side (which required two operations to get out because it came back), all the while literally pumping straight antibiotics into her incision and forcing medicine down her little cat throat, simply because I made a commitment to give my cat the best home possible and that meant going to the vet every week for three or so months.

If she thinks a simple little tumor on a dog isn't worth working on, she needs to stay far away from shelters from now to eternity.


Believe me, if I had been there when she dropped Charlie off, she might have gotten punched in the face. She is sort of lucky I never met her.

(Deleted comment)
I really want to put out a book of them! Once I have enough I will!

And you are an amazing writer. I really enjoy a lot of your posts; you're really good at evoking an overall "feeling" to your writing. So I am flattered you said that!