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Holiday Joy!
cap, captain miss america
Okay, first off, thank you to:

rejeneration, furiosity, hxcpunkchick, pierelle, mel06, sileri, bumblefucked, strix_an_stones, and heidi8 for the lover gift of seven snowflake cookies, one pile of snowflakes, and a Ctulhuclaus in a pear tree!

I sent snowflakes to every friend who did not have virtual gifts blocked.

On to the next: I am designing my holiday cards this weekend, so if you want one, Go fill out this screened post.

Now, part three.

--Nice stockings (size medium...I tend to err on the size medium-large ones)
--Nice socks, in work-appropriate colors
--Liquor and drink-mixing paraphernalia
--Art supplies (especially Faber Castel Pitt Artist Pens in Brush Tip color #272 and Bristol Board)
--Things with chickens
--Yarn for crocheting
--Old Wii games or DVDs you don't like!

Virtual, pay things:
--Premium subscription on Photobucket (username zia_narratora)
--Pay fonts
--Pay Photoshop brushes/shapes

Virtual, free things:
--Art of my Erins charries
--Icons of Twin Peaks or Fringe
--Things with chickens on them
--Photoshop Brushes/shapes/textures

What do you want for your winter holiday of choice? Is there something you want from me in particular? Art request? Comic request? Icon request?

If you have a wishlist in your LJ, why not link it here? I will take a look at it. If other people post their wishlists here, please take the time to browse them and see if there is anything you can give.

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I was going to send out the special!snowflakes to more people (I sent to some of my flist but didn't have the time to go through everyone in one go)... and then LJ corrected their glitch. Damn them.

It is ok! I know you gave me a snowflake in your heart!

I loved my snowflake!!! This week has been batty and I have a half-written post where I shout you out, but I appreciate it and yay you are lovely. :D

I love you too! You are welcome for your snowflake <3!

(Deleted comment)
Whoops, I missed you before! Will check it out!

Thank you so much for the snowflake! It made me feel very special. I was completely unaware of the special snowflake function, or I would have sent you one in return!

It was only up very very briefly!

I was trying to decide how to thank you for the snowflake and not seem totally weird and random. So thanks! :)

Thank you for the snowflake ♥

Thank you for the snowflake - it was lovely on an otherwise dreary day. :)

(Deleted comment)

Re: Chick-chick-chick-chick-chicken, lay a little egg for me!



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