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all in all, i had a pretty lousy day. work was very lousy. i didn't get half enough work done. that always disappoints me. i even took some home and worked here until midnight and didn't get as much done as i would have liked to. and since i was working, i hardly wrote anything, either. that sucks.

when i left work i wanted to come up with some way i could have some kind of accident-- not something that would harm me permanently, but that would put me out of commission for a while so i wouldn't have to deal with things. that sucked. the things i could think of that would definitely achieve the latter were things that i couldn't guarantee wouldn't achieve the former. that sucked, too.

i need to write more. i've only done 2pp tonight.

i did set up the RPG, though.
Tags: health:mental, life, rant
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