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Comic: Meet Kate
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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Ahahahahahahhahah this is AMAZING. ILU both! Also I wish I knew you irl so I could get a comic woe.

Also, generally, I'm so glad you've taken up your comics-ing! It's really a pleasure to get on my flist regularly. Keep it up. <3

I love doing it! I am really happy with it! And I am sorry! I could try to do one about you anyway!

Me: WUT? I ... no, okay, that's not a me-Kate.


Hahaha no it is not a you-Kate! It is a spiralstairs-Kate!

Is your middle name Marie, by chance? lol

This sounds more like an "Irish Names" issue than an "80s Names" one.

Actually... I counted in my sister-in-law's high school graduation program. She was a 1989 baby, and there were A LOT of people with the middle name Marie.

*hugs* I'm a 1971 baby with the middle name Marie ;) - just too many Greeks using Maria. My mom, being non-Greek, rebelled...lol

My mom was one of 6 daughters with the middle name Mary (Polish Catholic, if we're going to do ethnicity generalizations) My dad said no to that, and that's how I ended up with Marie.

Seriously... over 1/3 of my friends share the same middle name. Most are the second half of the 80s. It's just sad.

Me too! And almost every other girl born in the 80s! Nice to meet you, Kate, I'm Kat(hryn).

Katherine Marie here. Very nice to meet you. :D

HOORAY! I loves it! :D (And I would protest the last panel, but since I had an obscene amount of chocolate for second breakfast...) This is so damn great! Thank you! :D *HUG!*

I love your love of trashy food! And I am glad you like it! Mwah!

hiya KATE!


I'm glad you like OM NOM NOM-ing some food. and some kittehs.

nice introduction Tea! :)

This is so spot-on Kate - I love the kitties and the opera. Beautifully drawn!

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