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Comic: How How Comics Rule Rules
cap, captain miss america

Today is my last day of comic class! To celebrate, I made a little mini-comic about all the people in the class!

It is longer than my usual comics, so click on the image to go to the comic!

Now I am going to class, where I will be mixing drinks for everyone tonight!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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awesome Tea!!!

yay!!! plz to keep drawing, even though the class is over. I love your happy foodies and drinks. :)

Of course I will! I intend to keep the comic going anyway!

AHEM! (I have an idea for a title) "The Life and Times (and Edible Nommies) of the Ever-Awesome TEA!"

that's my first sketch - a rough draft, as it were.

I think your comic is awesome! entertaining and illustrative. (If I ever need to know how to make Happy mayo, or Nommy spiced buttered rum, or a joyful simple syrup, I know where to look!)


Thank you! And I will keep that in mind for the title of my memoir.

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