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Holiday Countdown!
cap, captain miss america
Holy crap I am so not anywhere near done with presents. As in, I haven't started? Yeah. Sort of. The thing is, I did my father's shopping for my mother, but not anything else.

I DID manage to address holiday cards yesterday, so those will be going out as soon as I get to the post office at lunch.

I also got immunized yesterday! Woohoo! My office has been giving out H1N1 shots. They have a prioritized list based on a bunch of things and they are going in order of priority and my name came up (on account of my asthma)! So I got my shot.

It sounds like we are going to Delaware for Christmas. This is sort of a last minute change in plans, since my grandparents were supposed to come here. But my grandfather doesn't feel up to traveling. I'm sort of ehh about going down there because there will be people but it is ok! It is my grandfather's 90th Christmas! holy crap that's a lot of Christmas!

I have those gift coupons for people who would like half off on a paid account. Do you want one? Comment here please if you do.

It is so cold! It is finally cold enough for me to say that! So cold!

How is everyone else doing?

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I think I'd like one of those gift coupons. Would they only work if you had a basic account before, do you know? I'm due to renew in a couple of days, and I wasn't going to for $20. I would for $10, though.

And glad you for your H1N1 sorted. I had to go to a free clinic offered in the ghetto a couple of weeks ago, but I got mine, too!

Edited at 2009-12-18 04:17 pm (UTC)

You can't do it if you have a paid account! If you would like to remind me when yours expires, that will work!

And yay for H1N1 shots! They are still limiting it here and I wasn't sure I was going to get one since I'm in the "safe" age range and don't have little kids or anything but they gave it to people with respiratory issues before they gave it to people with children. And I got to be all badass and have my little band-aid on my arm!

It expires on December 23rd. I'll send you another reminder after that if you want, and I do appreciate it! :)

What'd you think of the vaccination, anyway? I had my regular flu one a few days before, and that hurt worse than this one. I guess I expected more of a punch with all the hype, but it wasn't bad at all.

Heh, I started my shopping last night, so you are not alone. Hopefully my stuff ships in time.

Mother's presents

Please note that you on;y bought stuff for your mama because she is fun to shop for and that your manly (hairy) dada is so loveable you enjoy it!

Guess who!!

It is a very cold winter here, too! I'm sick again, which I think is a sign the gods are testing me this winter. You're reminding me I need to ship out my boss's CDs so her fans will have THEIR Christmas presents in time!

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