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About five or six tiles fell off the bathroom wall into my bathtub this morning while I was in the shower.

My super has not called me back. I am getting antsy because if you all remember I kept hearing warnings about how bad this management company was at taking care of problems. I know it's only been an hour but...I don't want to have a giant gaping hole in my bathroom wall. I'm afraid they're going to use this as an excuse to not give me back my (double the usual) deposit if they don't come and fix it. I'm just generally freaking out.

The problem looks, from what's left in my tub, like this happened before and whoever fixed it just popped the tiles back up and didn't replace the dry wall. There is a huge chunk of dry wall gone but it's not in my tub, which is where it would naturally be if it had just fallen off.

My mom told me to just cover the spot with duct tape and plastic garbage bags and not to try to fix it myself but ugggggh. I just want to fix the fucker. I hate things not being fixed.

Before this happened, I was very excited because I made crazy amounts of candy yesterday. I have homemade marshmallows, fudge, mint patties, and Turkish Delight. They are all in pans at home and I am going to go get little party favor bags to put them in for my coworkers tonight. I HAVE MOUNTAINS OF CANDY, PEOPLE. MOUNTAINS. I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU.

Also: karnythia asked us to get the message out-- Brianna Lacey is a teenaged girl from Chicago who is missing. If you're from Chicago or know people in Chicago, please see if there is anything you can do. If you are not from Chicago, please pass on the message. There is no Amber Alert because she's being treated as a runaway and not a kidnapee, so please do what you can to help.
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