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Sometimes, people are awesome
cap, captain miss america
Talked to the super. He says he will try to get it fixed next week while I am out of town. I just need to get him a key tomorrow.

But sometimes people do things that make bad days awesome.

My boss came to my desk and handed me a little red envelope. I figure it's my holiday card; last year he gave me a gift card to a nice bookstore.

I take it. And then he raises his hand over the desk divded and plunks a bottle of Hudson Whiskey down on my desk.

Then he plunks another down.

Me: "Holy crap!"

I think I was very loud.

My dad asked me what the best Christmas present I'd ever gotten was. And I had to be honest and say that I thought the toys I loved the most as a kid weren't Christmas presents. And the best Christmas present I remember wasn't mine, but my brother's used Coleco we got when we were in elementary school (My brother wanted an NES, but my parents couldn't afford one, so my aunt gave us her old Coleco.)

The best present I've ever gotten from a friend was the mandolin liret gave me, but that was a birthday gift.

I think this is the best Christmas present I've ever gotten that wasn't from my parents. Because apart from being incredibly thoughtful, it was completely unexpected.

Holy crap I have the best boss ever.

How is everyone else's day? What was the best present YOU ever got?

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Mm..booze. The gift that keeps on giving. ;)

The best Christmas gift I remember was when I was about 7 and got my very own desk. I remember laying in bed that night and hearing "the elves" assemble it in the living room, and it was so exciting to have my own writing space. I used that until I was about 11 and couldn't fit my legs underneath it anymore.

my first doll house.. it started me on the road to doom my future. X3

My dad gave me a little box that looked like it contained a ring or something of similar size. I open it up to find a silver wingnut-shaped instrument. He told me it was the drum key (drum keys tighten the skin of drums). I ran downstairs into the game room where a draped drum set awaited me.

Once my friend gave me a car for my birthday.

Because the dealership didn't want it for a trade-in

I dunno about how to decide what present is the best I've ever got, though... there are a few things that stand out in my mind, not because they are big or impressive, but because they signify just how deeply the gifter understood me at the time.

Hm. Christmas 1988, when I was about 7. "Santa" got me the whole (and I do mean all of it) Barbie Sweet Roses furniture collection. I was awash in a sea of pink and I loved every minute of it.

I actually combined my Jem dolls with the furniture, though. I so wanted to be a rock star/that other thing they did when I was that age.

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Oh, wow, I totally had that dining room set, I remember the mirror-table and china hutch. I would have loved to have the pull-out couch, though!

As a kid I always worried about asking for anything that was too expensive, so when I got the Precious Places Mansion I was pretty happy. I'm not even sure if I asked for it, but I'm sure I mentioned I wanted it (heh, I wanted a lot of toys that looked too expensive for my conscious). I lost a few small pieces from the it and I still feel horrible about it. I lost or broke a lot of toys as a kid, but I tried really hard to keep that house all together.

My Precious Places sets are some of the very few toys I've kept from my childhood because I can't bear to give them away. Hell, if I had some extra money I'd collect the rest on E-Bay.

This is going to sound boring, but one year, my mom gave me a locally made bike courier bag. It's a simple, over the shoulder affair that has water proofing on the inside which is good as it doesn't wear off as easily. I have been using that bag daily for over 20 years and while I was never a courier, I used to ride my bike to and from work 8 months a year in Boston. I could way overpack that bag with comics and clothes and it was never a problem. I still use that bag daily. It goes with me on planes, on vacations, everywhere. I have no idea what I'll do when it eventually shows age and wear.

Best Christmas gift I got was twenty thousand dollars from my parents/great uncle to pay off some of my student loans and buy a new computer.

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