tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Sometimes, people are awesome

Talked to the super. He says he will try to get it fixed next week while I am out of town. I just need to get him a key tomorrow.

But sometimes people do things that make bad days awesome.

My boss came to my desk and handed me a little red envelope. I figure it's my holiday card; last year he gave me a gift card to a nice bookstore.

I take it. And then he raises his hand over the desk divded and plunks a bottle of Hudson Whiskey down on my desk.

Then he plunks another down.

Me: "Holy crap!"

I think I was very loud.

My dad asked me what the best Christmas present I'd ever gotten was. And I had to be honest and say that I thought the toys I loved the most as a kid weren't Christmas presents. And the best Christmas present I remember wasn't mine, but my brother's used Coleco we got when we were in elementary school (My brother wanted an NES, but my parents couldn't afford one, so my aunt gave us her old Coleco.)

The best present I've ever gotten from a friend was the mandolin liret gave me, but that was a birthday gift.

I think this is the best Christmas present I've ever gotten that wasn't from my parents. Because apart from being incredibly thoughtful, it was completely unexpected.

Holy crap I have the best boss ever.

How is everyone else's day? What was the best present YOU ever got?
Tags: christmas, work:kfs
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