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Holiday Love Meme
cap, captain miss america
I am not normally a love meme person but there is one HERE that you should all go to.

shadowwolf13 is a fellow idol contestant who is so sweet! She went to the trouble of setting this up. Instead of making your OWN thread, you make threads for other people.

I made threads for some of you but not very many! I want to make threads for more but I have to do some work now!

My thread is here!

Also, I love each and every one of you! How is your morning?

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I am pretty good. I am trying to convince myself to work instead of YULETIDING.

Aw! This time of year the doing fun holiday things is a serious distraction!

And I just got the last of a series of treats from my coworkers, leaving me the only one who hasn't gifted everyone else in the office.

I think I'll make an Ephiphany Cake.

The Epiphany Cake idea is a good one! It gives you time to get over all this round of sugar first.

I am alright. My tummy has been acting kind of strange, I think because I've been having anxiety issues recently. But, I shall persevere! And otherwise, I'm actually pretty good. Looking forward to Maine. Spreading some love in between work tasks. Actually making progress toward a few of my goals. ♥

Uh oh! I hope your tummy and your anxiety is better! I think this time of year causes bad anxiety for a lot of people. So love!

Goal-completing is exciting! And oh! Did you ask Mike about New Years!

And also oh! What are you doing tonight? Do you want to come out with me and Brendan and Katy and maybe a couple other people? We don't know what we're doing yet.

Thanks. I'm trying to get a grip and just remain calm. Or, you know, distract myself to hell so I don't have time to anxiety out.

I have barely seen Mike at all the past few days because I am going to bed when he comes home and going to work before he wakes up. But, I would like to go to New Years and I'm going to say that we will go, since he hasn't informed me of any plans. :p

Tonight I have to work overtime til 7pm. I could maybe meet up for an hour or so after that if y'all are still out. And then I have to go home and pack. Let me know!

I keep losing track of what comments I've replied to! This is what I get for trying to talk to people on multiple fronts.

Okay! I will tell my mommy you are coming!

And give me a call or text when you get out of work and I will tell you where we are! We might still be out, but I am not sure!

That is the sweetest thing. My morning is going alright. I'm looking forward to the holiday lunch party at work. :)

Oh boy! I want a holiday lunch party.

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cacophonesque recommended you to me as a friend! And I am sorry you are multiply sick. I hope the current ick clears up soon!

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