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Comic: Angels and Bears
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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The Case of Daddy's Disappearing Hair!

No fault of yours, I'm sure. ;)

I thought this was going the same way as my friend's for a second. Her parents bought her and her brother Hallmark ornaments every year- Star Wars for him and Barbie for her. By the time she was 8 or so she was throwing Barbies out the windows because she wanted the Star Wars stuff instead. So much for "tradition". XD

Ahahahaha no! I liked my angels! But then, angels aren't so ridiculously girlified as Barbie.

Aww! And I do love the progression of your Daddy's hair, too. ;)

12-year-old Tea looks like she could kill people with her glare.

I like how you are obviously so much less impressed with the brother then with the angels.

12 year old Tea could. She had Much Stronger Feelings than 31 year old tea.

I like the "I hate you" panel best of all

Tiny!Tea's hair is funneh.

Awww :) This made me smile :)

Heh, I like your dad's expression and body language in the last panel. I think your style would also work as a cartoon.

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