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LJ Idol Free Topic Week: "Unwrapping"

I started the first part of this post and then realized that there was really no way to adapt it for those of you who are visually impaired, so I apologize most sincerely for that and I did come up with a second half to the post that I hope makes up for the oversight.

Part 1 is A New Year’s Gift for you all: Tea Paper Dolls!


click here to download the printable-cuttable hi-res version!

Instructions: print out with a color printer on oak tag. Cut out with a pair of scissors. Make sure to cut a small cut betwen my shoulders and my hair.Then dress me!
All of the clothes included are clothes I actually own!

Part 2 is a photographic story about unwrapping Christmas presents.

My father got very artistic with the presents this year. This first one was for my mother:

"Sun Melts Away The Pounds"

Description: There is a sunshine and a snowman. The snowman is saying “Sun Melts Away the Pounds!” Let me just say that my father’s artistic abilities? Would be the envy of many nursery schoolers.

There were several others with snowmen on them, but the piece de resistance was a drawing on one of my packages:

Why Did Chicken Get Present?

Give Up??


In picture #1, there is a picture of what my father claims is a chicken, in spite of the fact that is has four legs and no wings, in front of a box marked “Chick.” The caption says: “Why did Chicken get Present??”

Picture #2 just says “Give up???” And has a bunc h of arrows indicating that we should turn the box over. It is like Laffy Taffy, but with a box! AWESOME.

Ain't no dumb Cluck!

And Picture #3 is the answer to our riddle! It says, “Answer– If they don’t celebrate Chickenmas, may as well celebrate Christmas… Hey– This ain’t no dumb cluck!

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