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cap, captain miss america
Happy New Year, everybody!

A couple things I wanted to talk about!

I don't really do New Years' Resolutions but I have two resolutions for LJ that I actually already made a while ago and need to try to keep up. These are both things I learned from reading other people's LJs and think are important things to try to do to be a good LJ friend.

1) furiosity makes a point of replying to every comment she receives. And she has way, way many more people reading her LJ than I do, so this is really impressive. I always feel like she values my opinion even when we disagree about something, and I think it's a good thing to do to be a good community member. So! I have been trying to make the extra effort to reply to everyone. I don't always get everyone but I think I have been doing better about replying to people who comment on my posts.

2) karnythia also impresses me in the way she interacts with her friends list because she always makes a point of asking us how WE are and not just talking about herself, or asking our opinions of things and not just telling us what she is doing. She asks us what we think about it, and I find that I reply to her a lot more than to many other people whose journals I read because I feel like she is inviting me to comment and also like she is sincerely interested in hearing people's opinions. So I have been trying to make a better effort to do the same. I am not as good at this as I am at replying to as many people as I can, so I think this is going to be a harder thing for me to learn to do. It makes me feel a little bad because I keep remembering to do it after I have posted and then thinking, wow, am I that self-centered that I don't care what other people think enough to ask? So that is definitely some room for improvement.

I learn things from a lot of you and not just furiosity and karnythia but these are the things I have learned that I have been thinking about a lot lately, about improving my relationships with friends and other people who take the time to read my journal.

I also wanted to post some cool things other people have linked to:

rainy_day posted this excellent link to DJ Earworm's remix of the top 25 songs of the past year. This is freaking brilliant. If you haven't heard it yet, you should! Blame it on the Pop.

beautyofgrey linked to Christine Kane's blog post from a few years ago about choosing a word for the year. I am trying to decide if I want to do this, because I do a lot better with this kind of meditative approach to things. I am thinking about choosing "brave" as my word because I don't take a lot of risks. I know that is probably surprising to many of you, but I think I am probably more "fearless" than "brave." I do a lot of crazy shit because there are very few consequences that scare me. But in the places where I am scared, I don't push my boundaries as much as I could.

But on to more important things. I think I asked this last year and the responses were really fun!
What do you think my New Year's Resolution should be? Also, if you think you have a good Word of the Year for me, I would love to hear it!

Also, you can post this to your LJ and ask people to pick your resolutions! It is fun!

Mwah to all of you! Happy New Year!

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Your new years resolution is to finish Book Five.

Your New Years resolution #2 is to go to Mardi Gras.

#2 will be taken care of this week when I get back to work and can ask for the days off!

#1 I am not sure about because the comic takes all my time!

Keep up the comics! That's my resolution for you :)

(Deleted comment)
That is definitely on my list of things I would like to try to do. If not this year, next year! I also have to decide how to structure my comic and whether I want to continue doing a comic a day during the week or cut back to fewer. Or do the same number but make them shorter. I think my length I like, though, I don't like short single-punchline format for my stuff!

Also I started your hat!

(Deleted comment)
Your resolution should be to ride a unicycle or walk on stilts.

I don't know about a word, but I liked that idea when I saw it too. I need a good word for my year...

Also I have been trying to do those things in my journal too. I think that it has made me enjoy posting more, because I feel like its interactive and not just broadcasting. The next thing I want to figure out is how to encourage my friends to interact with each other more in comments--because sometimes I'm much more excited about the spinoff conversations that take place than in being an active participant.

I have walked on stilts before! In fact when I was a kid I had a pair that I built myself. I would like to ride a unicycle! I just don't know anyone who has one I could borrow to ride. Hmm.

1) Meet person with unicycle.
2) Steal unicycle.
3) ???

And I agree! I learn so much more about the people who read my journal when I make an active effort to interact with them, even when they are not my closest friends. I used to use LJ very differently, more like a place to plan things and leave messages for my friends, and now I mostly use Facebook for that which means the way I use LJ has changed.

I also think it is awesome when other people start having discussions in comments! People need to do that more but I don't know if it's something you can encourage or just a type of personality.

Will you respond to this comment? ;)

For a resolution I think you should learn a new skill outside of your usual patterns. Pick a funny instrument, like the accordion or bagpipes, and take lessons. Or like D said, ride a unicycle or walk on stilts. Or take a community college evening class that would help you in your profession. Or take Dutch 101. Or go to a rock climbing gym! Or challenge yourself to do a week of something new, every other week. Like, one week you vow to take showers that last only five minutes or less. Then you get a week off. Then the next week you vow to go to bed before a certain time. Then another week off. THEN, it's no refined sugars week! Then a week off. You get the gist.

Ehhh I think the one week at a time thing doesn't really offer any kinds of long-term improvements, if you only do the thing for one week. I like the idea of trying one new thing every other week but I think it would be more interesting to choose something experiential? I am going to take another continuing ed class this semester, though! I love the idea of learning a new language. I also bought a yoga ball to sit on!

WAIT NO I DIDN'T. Um. My brother bought me one.

Edited at 2010-01-02 10:12 pm (UTC)

Huh, that linke reminds me of all the songs I need to download. And of how bad "The Climb" and the "I KNOW YOU WANT ME" song are.


Yeah, that song is about ten times better than about half the songs included in it.

What do you think my New Year's Resolution should be?

More comics.

Also, if you think you have a good Word of the Year for me, I would love to hear it!

I'm rather fond of heliotrope

Oh I would not worry about more comics.

I enjoy heliotrope as well but I am not sure how to work it into my year unless you are suggesting I should be wearing more purple!

Thanks for the link to the mash-ups!

Oh you are welcome! I just loved that so much!

I think brave is a good word for you.
Maybe push? I think you're really fantastic at trying new things and pushing yourself beyond your own limits. So I think you should keep that up.

Thanks! I try to do that! I don't think "push" is the word I would choose though because to me "push" has the negative connotations of being "pushy" as in overbearing. But I like the philosophy of it.

I think your New Year's resolution should be to post more comics!!!!! Either that, or do something that you never would have dreamed of doing.

I like the idea of making an LJ more interactive - I think I might try that with my own journal.

Well, I can't post MORE comics! I already spend two to four hours a day cartooning so you are getting the absolute max I can do! But I intend to continue doing them!

I should try doing things I don't plan to do! It is just hard to think of things I wouldn't think of!

And yeah, I definitely feel like I get more out of LJ since I have tried making a point of conversing with people in the comments.

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