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Comic: New Year's Resolutions
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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OMG. Is that Jess you are rubbing boogers on in 2009?

I sure am glad 2009 is over!

But you look so excited to be the recipient of my boogers!

These are your resolutions, too?

Well, no ... but this tends to be how my resolutions go. :)

Oh excellent! I think they are the best ones!

(Deleted comment)
I think it is a good resolution. Delicious barbecue!

*dies* I need resolutions like this! Also, love your comics so much.

They are super resolutions! Assuming I can keep them!

And my comics love you!

Yes! The comics continue! :D

Of course they do! I just didn't have access to a scanner for a couple of weeks!

Bwahaha. Yes, yes that is definitely why my dishes are piling up.




It makes me sound suddenly so responsible!

Thank you so much for my Yule card. It arrived this morning and is so cool it was instantly squirreled away by one of my children and now I have no idea where it is, which is somewhat annoying but does mean it's being loved by someone.

Thank you - very much appreciated.

Oh, you are welcome! I am glad your family is getting joy out of it!

#1 speaks to me on a deep and meaningful level! :D

#1 is a good resolution for most people, I think!

These are lots of fun. I just hope that your resolutions include more comics. :"D

I am still on the comic wagon, don't worry!

Jess is trying to become famous in my comics like my daddy.

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