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LJ Idol Week 9: "The Better Half"


Note: the comic is all drawn in a still-cartoony but more realistic style than I usually use, with thick, dark black lines and messy, bright colors. There are a lot of hearts and stars doodled in random places in the comic, like a drawing by a nine or ten year old girl. Most of the writing is in little-girly cursive.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

Panel 1: There is a little girl.
Girl: Come closer. I will show it to you!

Panel 2: A picture of a big wardrobe
Do you know how those kids found a magical world inside a big old WARDROBE?

Panel 3: The little girl, again, gesturing to herself.
Girl: I have one, too!

Panel 4: A long panel of the little girl running across grass and flowers. The sky is a rainbow. At the end of the panel, she leaps into the air and flies away.
Only MINE is much, Much, MUCH better!

Panel 5: I will describe this one as it goes.
To start, you can turn into any animal:
bird (a picture of a bird)
fox (a picture of a fox)
tortoise (a picture of a tortoise)
velociraptor (a picture of a velociraptor)

Panel 6: A picture of a unicorn.
Except for unicorns

Panel 7: An angry unicorn, up close. It is snorting.
Unicorns get MAD when you try to impersonate them.

Panel 8: There is a thing that looks like a poo with eyes and arms.
And they will turn you into a GOON like Little Bunny Foo-Foo.
I think a GOON is like a hairy poo.

Panel 9: Our little girl is dressed up as a queen with a crown, sceptre, and ermine cloak.
In my world, I am the QUEEN.

Panel 10: She is sitting on a throne that is made out of PEZ candy.
I have a THRONE made of giant PEZ candies.

Panel 11: There is a happy ice cream and a scary broccoli.
You get to eat ice cream if you are a girl.
But if you are a boy you have to eat BROCCOLI*

*with not even any cheese.

Panel 12: The little girl is whispering into a cupped hand as if she is telling a secret.
Girl: The way to get there is a secret, too.

Panel 13: A picture of a wardrobe, this time in silhouette, with the words inside it.
It is much BETTER than some SISSY WARDROBE.

Panel 14: The little girl holds her hands up.
Girl: Do you want to see?

Panel 15: The girl is standing in front of a toilet. Her little sister is on the other side of the toilet. The toilet is radiating magic powers, stars, and pink curlicues.
You have to flush yourself down the Toilet!
Little Sister: That's gross!

Panel 16: The girl is wearing her crown again.
Well, then, I guess I get toe be QUEEN all by MYSELF!

Panel 17: The little sister bursts into tears.
Little Sister: MOM!

This entry was written for therealljidol Week 9: The Better Half
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