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Comic: Destiny
cap, captain miss america

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

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I think most people call them historical markers. I dunno, maybe it is a West Coast thing?

Oh,no, we have those! I just thought he was insisting that the people warning him of rocks ahead were hysterical.

Usually they are large wooden signs with stuff like "Clark's Rest" in really big letters and then a lot of really small print. My Dad would make up some story about how a guy named Clark once had a really epic bathroom experience at this very stop. His versions were usually a lot more interesting than what the signs said.

I think he once told me that the Ginko Petrified Forrest was just where a whole lot of saplings went to camp and the camp councilor got a little carried away with the ghost stories.

That is great. I like the one about Clark. And yeah, we have those here, too, I just for some reason didn't connect hysterical with historical!

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